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RE: Tips for Saving Some Gas fee on ETH (Part-1)

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great article transaction fees are a real concern on uniswap and if there are options then why not explore them. one quick question can i remove the liquidity that i added via uniswap via zapper. Also to be frank I invested 0.7 eth on sushi reading your post on this project. But on uniswap I did lose much on transaction fees..


i just randomly checked harvest Sushi also takes alot of fees? What are your thoughts on the same. And another question that I've this SUSHI- ETH pool that I've created reamains there until I dont unstake and gets me Sushi share for every 1k block. Is that the right assumption to make.

  • Also one quick question; why is it that liquidity pool shows 5.073; wherein I provided liquidity for 39 Sushi


Once again great article. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, I think you should be able to remove liquidity but for that LP tokens should be in your wallet. So unstaking LP from SushiSwap will be a transaction you will need to make separately.

Regarding yields, I ain't too sure. I don't harvest so frequently. In fact, I haven't harvested so far. What do you do from your harvest? Are you selling them right away?

Yes you get block rewards on your liquidity but I think that is 1000 SUSHI on every block distributed to all staked LP proportionately.

Finaly, 5.073 is not your SUSHI but LP. You can login to your Zapper dashboard and check your actual SUSHI in the pool (I've provided the screenshot of my holdings from this pool only). The ratio of your ETH and SUSHI will change with every trade in the pool and 0.3% fee will be added to the pool. If SUSHI nos. are reduced then your ETH mush have increased. The product of these two will always remain constant + 0.3% fee.

Hope this clarifies a little. I ain't an expert as I'm also learning :)

yes, it clarifies a lot of my doubt. Thank you. Today morning only I had staked LP and so far havent earned much that should cover the transaction fees. I'm not planning to harvest until, I'm able to pull in the investment made. So holding and harvesting Sushi till that time. How much of LP you got. For me investing 0.7 ETH got me close to 5 Sushi LP. Thanks once again for all the information.

I invested 1 ETH butg have got less LP than you. It's like 4.7 or 4.8 something.
But my investment has grown 3x by now and I'm very much satisfied with that.

cool. good luck.

isn't Sushi just like another Yam, or what is it ??