Bitcoin price is nearing 21K $

in HODL2 months ago

We are going higher and higher faster and faster in this exponential function and the question is where is the blow off top i mean we could go to 25k 30k but we see in the short term we are running into some short-term resistance there we got rejected from this point because we already got predicted twice so that's interesting of course and i think that we can also clearly see that there is another resistance a little bit and i think this resistance is going to be extremely important look at this


It is very obvious that this level is a huge level for bitcoin in this parabolic run-up and mark my words if we were to break this resistance if we break to the upside like this then i think that is most likely going to lead to a massive candle and this next leg up could take us it could be 21,000 to 22,000 could be even higher than that because in a parabolic run-up you see that we usually have this we're going faster and faster and eventually we see a massive blow off top and then we see a huge correction and i think that we are going to see a huge correction at some point but we're still below the resistance and what we're seeing i mean this could be the top but so far we don't have any evidence suggesting that it is we want to see more more action to the downside for that to be the case


We can also play with this idea of having a resist or support line this but i think that we have to kind of pull it out like this in my opinion because that makes a little bit more sense and this is a support we have to watch and in this case we could be watching a upwards training channel like this and if we do see small correction in the short charm if we can get supported and continue this uptrend or not but what i've been saying much we have to pay attention to the four hour chart and the four hour ribbon i mean look at this we're still above it


Will be cool if the price can beat the ATH.