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Hey Jessemployees

I was listening to a podcast today, and the guy said something along the lines of if you think Bitcoin will go up 10x why not put in a year's salary right now and capture 10 years of salary in one go!

I found that quite profound, and it got me thinking we all work to live and money has become a proxy for production. Even in our heavily financialised economy, we are still seeing people associate money with an output of work; it’s become our measuring stick of life, success, freedom and even influences!


Running faster to remain in the same place

All fiat currencies are running away in the debasement of its value in a sort of competitive race to see who can steal more productivity from their citizens and trickle up that value! While those in developed nations may not be feeling the pinch just yet, I can attest to it living in the third world, so to speak.

Each year that you save your previous year's savings are worth a little less, and it’s why we put so much pressure on debt instruments to survive, and our jobs and income needs to increase as our expense margins increase!

A person can only absorb so much of the rising costs before it starts to affect the quality of life. We all feel the pinch differently, and many choose to ignore it or normalize it, but it’s not going to go away.

The fact of the matter is we’re earning more each year to keep less of it.

How much do you cost per year

Depending on your means of income and your spending preferences as well as the currency you deal in and what part of the world you live in these will all affect how much of your working hours you need to sell to survive.

Selling your hours has its limits, we physically cannot work 24 hours a day and therefore have a cap on what we can earn to survive, so we look to automation and other instruments to make us more productive and give us back more time.

The same is true for investing, we have a cap on what we can earn, but we can take what we earn and leverage it to make it more efficient and valuable.

So ask yourself, is your years salary enough for you that if you continue to repeat this for 50 years, you’ll be able to survive with the growing rate of inflation?

Trying to fight something that continuously compounds is a losing battle the only thing you can do is get n the side of something that compounds against it, like a Bitcoin!

I want My time back

I’ve put about 8 months of salary into crypto over these last 4 years, and with each year I become more bullish! Investing a years supply of fiat into crypto is one of my goals now since I’d I’m right, and this thing does continue to extrapolate on its historical trend line we should capture 10 years in the next 2 and 50 years In the next 8.

Will losing one year's salary hurt if I lost it all? Absolutely, but I am young enough to afford to lose it all and continue to work to get earn capital.

To me, trying to capture additional years that I don’t have to trade for work and to live is what keeps me in this space and keeps me motivated to invest.

Early retirement anyone?

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That guy does have a point, it is not a bad idea!

Lol that's why I am not selling and I am adding to my BTC as much as I can, it's actually getting so bad I have a spreadsheet of my spending and I look at how I can cut down so I can secure more Bitcoin lol, I'm psychotic. I just can't see myself working for 20 - 30 or 40 years I can't do that to myself

I can totally understand you. People should live their lives doing what they love and spreading positivity around because of their own joy rather than sitting in a job that makes them miserable

Exactly we place too much value on these random numbers in our account and forget they are a means to an end they are not life they just help you along the way

But we’ve become obsessed with this score board instead of having fun playing the game

I think I've put about the same in to BTC and crypto over the last 3 years or so - I'm all in for early retirement, don't fancy doing this until I'm 70 to be honest! That's my main motivation to invest in BTC, not just as a safe place to store money but there's enough inspiration that more people will get involved with this in the next 10 years so if we can keep accumulating what we can, live off baked beans on toast for a short while, it could be the biggest pay off we'd have hoped for!

Like you say, if it doesn't work out, we at least have time to work it back but our knowledge and understanding of financial options would have increased no end, which serves us well in any case.

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LOL fuck no working past 40 is already sounding like an absolute horror story for me. I am happy to rock the beans on toast, maybe if I'm feeling snazzy ill throw some bacon bits in there lol.

I look at a pair of nikes and I'm like $200 um how many sats is that in 10 years, nope, fuck them nikes, get Sats! when you realise what is happening you will always feel like you can cut more and save

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Lol, added bacon bits? Damn, that's posh man haha! How long have you got til 40?

Haha, I do exactly that same! I literally look at my spreadsheet budget each month and at the itemised purchases on there and if I'm seeing purchases that aren't BTC, I start getting twitchy and see where I went wrong lol! To the naughty corner!

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LOL on Saturdays I like to spoil myself to say I made it through another week, live a little man, Ive got 8 years to go.

Same same, and then I argue with myself like surly you don't need this or that and when I finally make it to the end of the month and see all that extra fiat I can convert I am so stoked, doesn't mean its not a struggle

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Haha, Bacon Sat-wiches, lovely! Ah, I have 6.6 years so I may have to up my aggression and cut the bacon luxury to get those extra sats...

Lol, the internal arguments,

"And WHAT do you think you're doing with this purchase young man?"
"Oh I..."
"I don't see SATS anywhere on this purchase, DO YOU?!"
"Put the card down and no-one gets hurt"

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You better get to it then, those interest accounts aren't going to compound themselves oh wait no they do, lol


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Hahaha!! That's one smart kid!

Speaking of compound, 9-10 am is the new happy hour with the daily Luno, straight to savings. If only there was an "automatically add any sats to savings" option, this thing would just run on auto - set and forget! Or "sat and forget" if you will!

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@tipu curate

why thank you kind sir, always appreciate a good tip

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