Have You Guys heard about TRAVALA?

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Travala.com is a popular Hotel Booking platform that is blockchain-based, by which I mean you can pay for your rooms via Cryptocurrency. It has quite a sizeable userbase and has its own native token AVA which is currently sitting at around 0.56 USD. It is also partnered up with several institutions like Tripadvisor which we all know as a one-stop destination where you can find Hotels and Activity Spots.


Travala.com is kind of backed by Binance and is quite useful if you want to spenf=d your Crypto on Hotels. As usual, you do get discounts if you pay your hotel reservations using their native AVA Token but apart from that, you do have the choice of over 30 Cryptocurrencies via which you can pay for your hotel reservations. I have to say that I really like this token and its use case as well plus they have been making moves like partnering up with huge institutions and I feel like since they are on a Race track with no other participants they might succeed sooner than later. What I mean is that there is no serious competition for what Travala is doing so their chances of success are a little bit higher in my Books.

As for my Investment in this Cryptocurrency, I did invest in AVA way back when it was like 0.1 USD and sold all my tokens when it crossed the 1 USD mark but now that the price of AVA tokens is slowly declining I might pick up another bag of tokens provided the price gets to a favorable point for me.

So guys what are your thoughts on TRAVALA?



That is a good thing for the cryptolover who travels a lot.

Is there any other ways of getting those token without buying them? Means like hive!😀