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RE: 🔥 I am preparing for the Bull Market - I bought a Ledger Nano X!

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I don't know if we will crush the 20,000$ mark this December but I am sure that at some point we will crush it

I bet it will happen before the end of the week. Do you have a strategy by the way for the bull market?

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The best strategy is to DCA until we break ATH, then just HODL for a little bit and start selling really small quantities all the way up.
After 3 years I have assumed that it is really hard to know where the Top and Bottom are, so I decided to not care at all.

What about your strategy?


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I am not buying anything anymore, but I am planning my sell petty much as you. Will probably start selling small percentages every month as of next spring and hopefully will still have around 50% of all my portfolio for when extreme fomo will hit.

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