I visited car cinema for the first time!

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Hey, folks!

I've been to the cinema tonight. No, I'd say "I drove to the cinema" because it was the one for cars! I don't know if there's a special English word for it.

So, I wanna share my experience and tell you about it. You know, I am very much into movies, and used to visit the cinema once in a while. But since quarantine was set, I watch movies at home, but I miss all this atmosphere, big picture and the sound. Even pop corn, well, sometimes :) Theatres and cinemas are opened so far in Ukraine, but I don't wanna take a risk.

And I say the car cinema was invented ages ago just for our corona times! Today it was my first ever experience so I'm excited. The funny thing is that this place is 2 blocks from my home, and I passed it many times. I was curious about what is it looks like.


First of all, you are sitting in your own car, and there are 2 glass layers between you and them. This fact gives you lots of advantages.

  • social distance!
  • you don't hear the annoying noise of others and they don't hear you.
  • you can order beverages and snacks in the middle of the film not disturbing anyone, and they'll deliver it right to you. They have a large choice!
  • you'll never get a big hair person sitting in front of you. If you're short too (coz I am) you know what I'm talking about.
  • all cars are parked with their headlights off, and everyone has a good view and visibility.

A paradise for a misanthrope, LOL.


And it's really cheap, about $5.3 for 1 car. When I booked I picked up a place for a car. They have a stall and a balcony, sound funny. The place depends on the bodywork type. Sedans take 2 first rows in a stall and the sides, SUV can stand behind them. Although, I stated the car number, email, and cell. That's it. I got FM wave to set up my radio.

It was great. And next time I'll grab a blanket and a thermos with tea :)

Let's keep ourselves and each other safe!


See you,


P. S. I didn't take pictures today. Photos that I used in this post were captured during the visit to FILM.UA cinema studio a few years ago.

 4 months ago 

I don't know if there's a special English word for it.

In my part of the world, we call them "drive-in movies" — or just "drive-ins" for short. (e.g.: My husband and I went to the drive-in last night.)

These were very popular decades ago (like in the 50s, 60s, and 70s), but their use declined in the 80s when indoor cinemas opened in shopping malls. Most of the drive-ins closed soon after that, which was sad to see. 😕

I am happy to hear the drive-in cinemas are still operating in your area! That is fabulous, and a perfect option during these COVID times! 😃 I was surprised to hear that you could get the audio on your FM radio. The last time I went to a drive-in, we had to park beside a short pole with a speaker on it, which could be removed from the pole and hung over one of the windows so it was inside the car.

Those were also the days before SUVs were invented. Only farmers, plumbers, and delivery services had trucks or vans, everyone else drove sedans, so parking at drive-ins was never a problem. Most drive-ins were built on slightly-sloping ground, anyway, so everyone could see the screen. These places were also popular destinations for teenagers on dates, so they could kiss and snuggle during the movie! I did that a couple times, too! 😁

Thanks for sharing your experience and letting us know that drive-ins are still operating in some parts of the world! 😊

Hello, dear @thekittygirl! You say "drive-in cinemas are still operating in your area", but in fact, it's funny, when such cinemas were so popular in the world Ukraine was a part of USSR, and it was a closed country. We had no idea about lots of things, and now looks like we try to catch up with the rest of world :D I saw drive-in only in movies, lol, and I remember romantic scenes as well ) It's just what I recalled yesterday :D :D

I think this drive-in started not so long ago, a couple of years maximum, or probably they opened it during the quarantine. It is also possible, as it's located inside of another famous Ukrainian film studio, and all the film industry is going through a rough patch.

Thank you so much for your great comment, it's always so nice to hear from you <3

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Блин, я тоже хочу попробовать. жаль в моем городе еще нет такого авто-кинотеатра...

Ось і повод приїхати )) Взагалі давно вже пора якийсь meetup замутити 🥳🍻


Ковід всьому - перешкода. 19 грудня планую 5 найвфест відвідати. Подія, яку не хочу пропускати.

Що за найвфест і де він?

Ого, скільки я пропустила!
Дякую! Може і я приєднаюсь. Взагалі дивно .... онлайн це мінімум затрат, а квиток $199

Та ні, вхід бесплатний


То приблизна вартість окулярів ВР, які можна не купувати а налаштувати на ПК 2Д безкоштовну програму перегляду.