Bare Trees

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On this #treetuesday, I find myself remembering a photo I made several years ago on the day my mother passed. It reminds me of the way things in life are constantly changing, yet things always remain the same in some other respects.

These trees looked different that year than the year before, and they're even different now. They grow each year, new branches form as old branches die and fall. Yet, the trees maintain their overall integrity. The cycle of the seasons places fresh, new leaves on them each spring, which die and disappear during autumn, just as things come-and-go in our own lives. It's a reminder of the impermanence of life, that nothing is forever.

From a distance, the branches seem to make a massive tangle with each other — twisting, turning, intermingling with one another in incredible and complex patterns. Yet, if one examines them up close, one can see that each one is thriving on its own, not really tangled with the others but separately doing its own thing. It's all a matter of perspective, and it is analogous to how we humans live — near one another in families, communities, nations, but still doing our own thing as individuals. We make our own complex patterns the same as the branches on these trees are doing. We are mirroring nature... or is nature mirroring us...?

Relish in the beautiful and mysterious dance of this thing we call life!





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Beautiful shot and so True about changes, both in life and nature.
Nature with each season, and life by happy and sad experiences.

You always take Great pictures and edits, and write beautifully about life and nature.
I love this line alot

We are mirroring nature... or is nature mirroring us...?

Beautiful way of looking at things.
Have a wonderful week my friend and much love 🤗❤️🌹


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What a wonderful post my friend. Not only #treetuesday but #thoughtfuldailypost with the essence of what I really hoped for. Hopefully... this song helps to further amplify the awesome of your post!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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The cycle of life can be complex and a bit strange, when difficult moments come into our lives, it changes a bit the way we see things and it is instantly as if we move to a totally different dimension. It is difficult to explain but it is something. What happens without realizing it.

Mysteries of life, that makes it so interesting, who knows if things flow for some reason and only by living these moments can we understand it.


I love trees and how they look against a backdrop of a gray sky or rain. It creates a mysterious atmosphere as if the trees are hiding something. This is pure nature. You are correct in that all branches are sometimes intertwined as our relationships are, but then they part and go their separate ways, able to operate independently until they touch again.

Thanks for sharing.