Buying The First Trees For Our Orchard

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I've had this video finished for a couple of weeks, but I've just had others ahead in the queue. In fact, we already have the trees planted, and we're in the process of mulching around them.

When we recorded this one, I had Our Little Homestead Helper outside with me. She tagged along to help pick out the trees. When we got back to the house, I was getting the camera ready and trying to run through what I wanted to say when Our Little Homestead Helper decided she was going to be in charge of this one. I decided just to roll with it.

I think she's better at this than I am!

We're planting an orchard! Well, we hope to slowly transform it into a #permaculture food forest, but for now, it's gonna be an orchard. The Little Homestead Helper went along with her daddy to pick out our first six fruit trees. We ended up bringing home... well, I'll just let her tell you.

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