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RE: My First Green Tablet = Best Pain Killer Ever

in Inner Blocks8 months ago

Wtf!?!?! Are you a stoner now?

Am I gonna have to come over there and intervention your ass??



Couldn't believe they really work bloody well. Imagine having one for your knee as you could possibly run a marathon. I won't make a habit of it as I don't plan to let my back get this bad again. I blame covid couch and not being able to see the chiro for my follow up from 3 weeks ago.

That pesky vivid is to blame for a lot of things. Hope it's finally starting to improve now? Yesterday you said it was still bad, eh?

My uncle swears by CBD capsules for his chronic pain

Yesterday was bad and today is good. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I think we are done now. Can't see anyone else getting it as I think we all have had it at some point. Hard to know for the likes of you and me being such perfect human specimens. Covid looks at us and chooses an easier option.