My personal insights into the underachieving crypto blogging platform Hive

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I enjoy writing as a form of record keeping for myself, like a diary or a journal. It’s then possible to go back and be reminded of the path taken. Other than that, I might have a message to share, something I feel is valuable for the reader. However, I have been thinking that it really is not worth all the effort I put in – simply to earn less than a dollar per post, if I was thinking of making a living out of it. So you could say I can’t be bothered to write as much as I used to any more. I can make more money spending that same time trading instead.

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And when the readership is maybe five or six people, then there is certainly no use in attempting to reach a large audience with any so-called meaningful information at all. That particular reason is seldom fulfilled by writing my blog post or journal day after day. Readership does not exist on these platformss in any meaningful quantity. So I have no allusions that my writing of what to me is valuable information, for the benefit of the struggling souls, is even reaching more than a handful of people.

So with no readership worth anything, no financial returns other than $1, then why do I bother? Besides the journaling and personal diary, I now find myself writing purely out of habit and out of a conditioned mentality that I must produce written content. That I must write in my “busy book” as my primary school teachers beat into me when I was a small kid. I have an inner driving taskmaster that makes me feel that I have not done my work for the day if I have not made my written publication to post online.

I have admittedly accumulated some cryptocurrency by writing over the past few years, but it is only because I have so much free time, and I have money to survive, that all those accumulated little amounts have added up. But when compared to the time I spent producing original creative content of value, it is a waste of time, or perhaps rather an idle worthless pastime. So I have decided that I won’t really bother too much any more trying to write something daily if I don’t feel like it.

I can entertain myself by day trading instead. It will be as time consuming and may even bring in more money. My permanent holiday leisure lifestyle is of my own making and will carry on as it has for the past 13 years here in my seaside holiday home town. I am already living the dream, the permanent holiday. Life is a beach every day of the year. So I’m already successful. Money was the primary reason to try blogging for cryptocurrency.

The payouts I had hoped for never materialized. The tokens are pretty much duds by the looks of it now. They are worth peanuts and show no signs of ever growing in value, which was the hype initially. They are flatlined at a few pennies. Thus the feeble payout for each post. This writing is for people who are desperate to scrape some value out of the blog site, but it is like scraps for a beggar.

Of course, I am only a beggar too, and have no allusions about being anything more. The mercy I receive however, is more on the non material plane. These written posts will not feed me or pay my rent monthly. They may be able to buy me a loaf of bread. So they aren’t worth the time. With that insight, I am writing purely to keep a journal for myself. I no longer bother about readership or payout or trying to impress anyone.

Oh well, it was a nice idea at the time, a few years ago, and a nice experiment. But it has failed. The tokens received are worth peanuts and have not shown any signs of growth despite the bull market being in full swing. Prove me wrong. You can’t. Look at the charts.

There may be a few bloggers who are already rich and can pull some kind of livable returns from their daily posts, but they are one in a million. I have tried and seem to have reached a plateau. Thee were stories of the old days, a few years ago, when the token was worth much more and looked so promising but they are gone. This is now nothing more than my personal diary and journal for myself as a record. I will spend my time trading instead and having fun as always, without feeling like I must write or my work is not done, or I won’t make the money I need. And my beautiful life will go on.

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The audience is your muse, even if they are mostly imaginary.

As for making more money from trading, if I did a post everyday for the 100000 days it probably wouldn't match my crypto gains over the past month, so doing it for money is not a good motivation!

Hey there well said, the monetary incentive to blog on Hive is gone. So why do we even bother here any more, I ask myself? The imaginary muse lol...indeed.

The good old days of a dollar per Hive token, was just a brief phase back in the Steem era before 2018. So many have already left to use their time more profitably elsewhere. The few of us left are either probably devs or whale investors who are stuck with a massive loss from the Hive token price crash.

They are hoping the dead horse will come back to life but their money is gone by the looks of it. Then there's the third world beggars who desire to scrape a few pennies to feed themselves. And that's it. This is my bearish analysis for today lol.

I think there is a decent chance layer 3 apps like 3Speak can go big this year and if that happens Hive will start going up again.

I was on Steemit in 2016 and it was awesome - a total buzz - but later even when it peaked at $8 i knew it was a scam - I didn't get all my money out until it was down $3, but that was a very different vibe to Hive now - all I do with all investing is buy low and sell high - this Hive price right now is low, and if it bottoms out under 10 cents soon I might buy some more.

When I was powering down Steem the site was full of people saying "Steem is going to the moon" Now Hive is full of people saying "Hive is all over" - and that is just what I'm looking for!

Well done buddy, that is the way of the contrarian.

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