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Once upon a time there was a country, in which politics was more of a joke. The prime minister was named by the biggest political party that had majority in the parliament, based on anything but competency. The main requirement was to be obedient and new, so the head of state can't find anything to reject appointing him.


There was a guy that got lucky and became prime minister. He was new, thus perfect for the job, according to those who were the real leaders. Then things happened, projects went sideways, discussions between the sock puppet and the leaders got louder and louder and the sock puppet was not wanted anymore. He was told to resign and he said NO! He said he took an oat to serve the people and the country and he has an obligation to do it. Turned out he was not a sock poppet any more.

His ministers resigned, except one, so he had to get a new crew. Many people saw an opportunity, a start for them next to the new prime minister, so many have joined him.

The only way to eliminate him legally was for the parliament to vote him out, which happened shortly after the new ministers were voted in. And that's how an era ended. It was a good lesson for everyone, with painful consequences for some.

Choosing sides is always risky. You can end up choosing the winning side but you may as well be a loser at the end, sometimes for the rest of your life. Some people have no morals, their only God is money, thus no matter who they have to run over, they are doing everything to win.

I see this type of behavior on Hive as well, which is normal, after all people you see on Hive are also participants in real life. During the two and a half years since I'm on the blockchain I'm watching people make decisions, choose sides, promise something and do exactly the opposite and that is more profitable.
There's plenty of drama going on every day, there's always something that is not right, there are people that are never satisfied.

I have a rule that applies both on Hive and in real life. I'm always choosing the solution I know I can live with. I know my conscious is what I have to live with for the rest of my life. There are things that can never be remedied, so chose wisely.


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