Walking Talking Encyclopedias

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This is my favorite part of the whole treatment.

I must admit I love going to the Chiropracor as it brings so much relief. You arrive knowing that you will feel 20 years younger when you leave. There are not many feelings that it can be compared to when the bone clicks into place relieving the pressure from the muscles.

Today's treatment was all about releasing the tension in the muscles. If you have a damaged back the muscles tighten up to protect the damaged part and why you tend to not stand up straight anymore. I knew how bad it was when I went and looked in the mirror and my 10 pack was at a 30 degree angle.We had a good laugh when I mentioned the green tablet and how the cannabis oil made everything perfect for a good 8 hours.

Funny as they put the arrow to take your eyes away from the obvious.

I knew I needed a slight service 3 weeks ago as he tried to realign me then and couldn't as I needed literally 5 minutes the following day and unfortunately the test results from Covid came back positive and we were grounded. I had been hoping it wouldn't deteriorate anymore, but unfortunately the back went into a spasm and I was toast.

The treatment today was basically a massage heating up the muscles allowing for more movement. Normally I would have had acupuncture as that does the job really well making the blood flow back into the stressed muscles easing the tension and grip they have on your spine. This I will most likely have on Thursday as we managed to get one click out the base of the spine which is better than expected. Normally that takes at least two visits to achieve that so we are ahead of the game.

I have learnt over the years what to do and the signals to look out for so it doesn't get to this point ever. I know how to reset my own back and I am comfortable doing it. Sometimes though it is good to go and get it professionally done so that you aren't forcing something that maybe you shouldn't.

The previous chiro I went to was not so great and left me in more pain than I arrived. I never quite understood how he could see so many patients at one time. He had machines he plugged you into with electric pulses and had literally 4 or 5 patients in separate rooms all at the same time. Luckily I knew this wasn't what a proper chiro was and left for the hills after the second treatment.

The relationship I have with my back doctor now is more of a friendship as we talk shit for 45 minutes and have a good laugh. Other patients who are waiting to be seen next must wonder what is going on as we can get out of hand. He knows about Hive and it has taken 2 years and still he hasn't joined. One day he will once he realises what it is all about.

He is coming over at the end of the month once our quarantine period is over to learn exactly what it is. He is amazed at the knowledge I have gained especially on sport as he asks something and I give him an in depth insight into what I know. Some of us are like walking encyclopedias and we don't even know it lol. How much stuff have we learnt by being active and researching certain topics because we enjoy it?


It is pretty rare that my Chiropractor actually cracks anything in my body. He mostly uses pressure points and different movements to control my pain. He is pretty amazing though. I have went to people like the other one you mentioned. Just in it for the money and trying to get you hooked on a weekly schedule. They just want to milk you for as much money as they can.

The previous chiro if you can call him that was a milker and didn't care.I just saw no improvement and it was a waste of time. Same price without any benefit and actually would have been better treating myself. Those electric pulses don't help as it is more of a twitch and so outdated.

You just made me remember when as a kid I accompanied my mom when she took my grandma to the Chiropractor, it was a really good therapy for my grandma, and I realized how noble this job is. So humanistic that they have to be pretty nice people to chat with. So cool that you both talked about Hive!!

It's funny as he always asks me how many coins I have. From the days of only a few hundred two years ago he has been amazed at the growth. I think once you find a chiro you can trust you have him/her for life.