Quarantine Day 21

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Finally after a rough week both family members are now on the mend. I thought it was over this time last week only to see them hit with the next wave of the virus. More medication and doctors visits followed as apparently this was the next phase that could land you in hospital. A burning sensation of your insides that could turn into pneumonia if you weren't careful.

After 21 days since the positive test I can finally say we are all clear and everyone is recovering. The bank account took a whack with all the doctors visits and tests plus the medication. These things weren't cheap and even though we have medical aid it is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Sometimes I even wonder what is the point, but for peace of mind one has to have it.

We had no idea what to expect as there are so many stories and I don't blame people for thinking it's all fake. Only the people who have underlying issues get hit hard and quite possibly a high percentage of the death rate would have happened normally. Unfortunately due to Covid many things get labelled under it and possibly they shouldn't.

I know if I wanted to see my regular GP I wouldn't be able to as she is only taking phone calls these days. How many people are worse off health wise due to not being seen and are now suffering because of this? If I was going for my 6 monthly blood test which I do normally I wouldn't be able to right now as the laboratories are only processing Covid tests.

I believe much can be learned from this experience and the majority of us shouldn't be afraid of this virus at all. We had it in our house and had to quarantine even though when they had all the symptoms a week earlier the test came back negative. We relaxed and never worried much until the following test a week later came back positive. We had all been in close proximity and only two members out of a household of six caught it. This tells me we were all infected but had no impact on the rest of us.

I know I had a funny period when the one leg heated up which only happened 5 years ago when I had a blood clot. This happened for about two days and believe that is my weak spot on my body and then it passed. All I did was suck back two disprin as that thins the blood just in case.

My chiropractor mentioned he was bed ridden for a day with back pain but he had done nothing to aggravate his back. He believes it was the virus looking for his weak spot as well as the pain disappeared within 24 hours. It just seems crazy how this super bug works and how it looks for things in all of us.

I will be happy when they find a virus but I know I won't just accept it as I would like to know more first. Taking medication if you need it is one thing but if you don't why just accept what the government says. I don't trust anything what is reported on and will need clear proof before I accept anything today.

I hate to know what damage it has done to my loved ones as it is all internal. Reports early on from other patients that had recovered stated that it could knock years of your life with the damage to organs such as your lungs. This I don't quite get as a smokers lungs repair after about 7 years of not smoking and a damaged lung can repair itself. I had a chunk removed when a blood clot hit mine and was told not to worry as it will fix itself.

The next step is they have to wait for the certificate from the Department of Health giving them the all clear. They should receive notification next week so they can leave the house officially. I like the rest in the house have been out this week already and just waiting for the lock down to come to an end. I don't see any reason and justification for it to continue. Common sense should be used by everyone and then we have no worries.


@cryptoandcoffee, These are unfortunate times and everyone is facing Dark Side Of The Life.

Fake or Real don't know but in my opinion there is lot of confusion.

Have a blessed time ahead.

I am happy to hear that they are are recovering! Hopefully the lasting impact isn't too severe. Take a much deserved break!