My First Green Tablet = Best Pain Killer Ever

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** Cannabis has been around for donkeys years and was an ancient natural remedy for pain relief.**

This morning my back has improved after a night of heavy medication but the pain was more overpowering than the pain killers I had taken. Normally this is not the case as I have extensive experience managing my back and can spot the signals early.

Possibly the inactivity over the last 5 months has not helped being a couch potato. I normally cover a lot of ground during an average working day which keeps me leaner than what I am now. Last night I couldn't even walk 5 meters without my legs wanting to buckle under the pain. I haven't had that experience for over 10 years and had kind of forgotten how bad things can get.
Really magical what it did for me today.

I am anti pills of any type and especially pain killers as they can mask the damage making the problem even worse. This morning although a bit easier to move compared to last night I still felt the sickening pain.I asked if we had anything a little stronger to actually allow me to work on trying to get movement back by some self manipulation.

Out popped a green tablet namely CBD oil which I have never tried before. I suppose there has to be some truth behind this for medical purposes as I am not joking the pain has gone in my back already. Every now and then I can feel it with sudden movement but it is quite incredible the difference it makes.

Only in recent times has this become legal and can see why people have been saying it is life changing to sufferers of painful health conditions. I have noticed the difference already and that is after 2 hours and has another 6 hours to go before it wears off. I do like the idea that it is natural medicine with no chemicals and yet doesn't make you too high at the same time. The quality of life by taking this has improved and understand why this new market for CBD oils will be enormous.

Weird to think I have been against something saying it is a drug yet haven't really understood it. I know my chiropractor is looking into it for his patients and once it is fully legal I can see the market exploding with demand. This is the new business to get involved in as pain management is a real issue for many people. This tablet won me over and I was a nay sayer before this morning. Maybe I would want something a little weaker next time as I am not someone who likes dumbing all the senses.


Wtf!?!?! Are you a stoner now?

Am I gonna have to come over there and intervention your ass??


Couldn't believe they really work bloody well. Imagine having one for your knee as you could possibly run a marathon. I won't make a habit of it as I don't plan to let my back get this bad again. I blame covid couch and not being able to see the chiro for my follow up from 3 weeks ago.

That pesky vivid is to blame for a lot of things. Hope it's finally starting to improve now? Yesterday you said it was still bad, eh?

My uncle swears by CBD capsules for his chronic pain

Yesterday was bad and today is good. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I think we are done now. Can't see anyone else getting it as I think we all have had it at some point. Hard to know for the likes of you and me being such perfect human specimens. Covid looks at us and chooses an easier option.

You of all people!

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i like that the world is starting to investigate the medicinal properties of weed. I am sure we can expect plenty of resistance from the pharma industry of course. If it get's too popular they will just lobby their politician friends and it will be illegal. Pessimistic attitude, but come on now, we all know it is true.

You can buy that stuff all over here. The gas stations even sell it now that it has become legal. We use it for our dog. She is 11 or 12 now and it has been harder for her to get around. This has made a huge difference for her. We give her two treats in the morning with her food and she is good for the day.