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This is actually kind of an unofficial sequel to my today's morning post :D


It's about another storm ... or more precisely, about the quiet poetry of those moments after the storm ... when the rainbow appeared above a mundane collection of small streets, houses and gardens of my neighborhood ...


... and dramatic light turned the asphalt into gold ... or some similar material ... shiny, exuberant and definitely precious ... but also elusive ... like gold in dreams that gets lost once you wake up.


It feels like the world is falling into the dream in moments like this, while I'm somehow surprisingly stuck in reality, at the edge of magic, observing the free spectacle.


It was another storm ... and it happened more than a decade ago, probably early in the summer ... but looks like it could be a good companion piece to the short vignette published this morning ...


... and slightly enhance :D the total amount of my today's content ... by making it longer ... and by adding the rainbow ... and some roses ... roses and rainbows are cool ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


The rainbow is wonderful. I had a job, many years ago, that I hated. But the one good thing about it was when I went home sometimes the sun would be rising. No one was out. The streets were quiet and everything had the look of your second photo (the street). This post reminds me of those quiet, peaceful moments.

Magical rainbows with cool roses! You could follow the rainbows into another dimension! But then you’ll have to catch another rainbow to come back!

:D Rainbow and roses get together very well ... yes rainbow it's a portal :) and is a bit dangerous to pass through.