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It was raining a few days ago ... a short but heavy rain ...


... and there was this moth, flying around my kitchen while I was preparing the breakfast ... some scrambled eggs with mushrooms I found on the meadow the day before. At one point the moth landed on the window and got quiet ... as the weather outside got louder. The wind was silent till then, but now started to howl through the trees in the garden. I took a short look at the window, noticed the moth watching the storm raging on the other side of the glass, and soon returned my focus to my simple culinary project. Then I heard distant thunders ... that turned into not so distant thunders a moment later ... and the rain started to sound different ... like it's raining pebbles or coins ... something like that ... I was busy around the pan, so I didn't mind to look through the window ... living to my imagination the task of extrapolating the visuals from sounds.


A bit later, when I did look through the window ... I saw small pieces of ice coming down ...


... so I turned off the fire under the pan, took my camera and went on the porch ... because the thing looked pretty cool and photogenic.


It was a nice little spectacle, completely natural and in full 3D, great stuff to watch on the gloomy morning, way better than YouTube or TV. I felt safe, relaxed and cozy ... and seeing that moth, resting quiet and sheltered with that kind of weather outside, amplified those sensations even more.


And that's it ... oh, yes, almost forgot - I finished the breakfast after the shooting and ate the thing ... it was good ... nothing special, but a decent meal.

As always in these real life events on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.



So beautiful

Thanks :)

Nice Story and beautiful captures of the cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera)

Thanks for the name of the species :)

Lucky moth, he found somewhere dry and cosy to watch the hail storm. Those ice balls are about the size of golf balls!! People walking outside would need helmets!

:) True, a helmet would be a great help when flying around with this weather.