Milk & Honey


I'm the honey, I wouldn't waste a sweet nectar like that just to bathe in it.

Photography, modelling, art direction, set design and styling by yours truly.










My bath water is that colour when I’ve been out exploring all day! 😇

You sweat powdered milk? 😝

Oh, no, not really

Magnificent series of photos.
Well done for the atmosphere you have managed to create. One would imagine being a hundred years ago in a fantasy campaign. You have chosen the color which is unusual in your art. I must admit that the play of lights is superb. Have you thought about releasing a black and white version?

This is a translation from the French so I hope my lyrics will be correctly transcribed.

Thank you very much! This shoot was probably the most labour intensive shoot I’ve ever done so I’m glad it worked out well.

Interesting that you noticed these aren’t what I usually do, but just wait, there will be an ”after dark” version to be released in the coming days. I haven’t actually tried if any of these work in black and white, will have to give it a go :)

Very excellent photography. Are these self portraits?

Thanks! There is literally two sentences in this post and the second one answers your question :)

Looks very fancy, treat yourself why don't you :)

Don’t mind if I do 😉😏

It's good uncomfortable feeling pictures.

Girl should've tagged it #nsfw, now my boss is gone get my fired!

Uncomfortable? 😅 I assure you this bath was very comfortable.

Your boss already liked my pictures, you’ll be fine.