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RE: First day of #mot challenge “Grateful to be Jamaican”

in Hive Jamaica6 months ago

You have all the reasons to be a proud Jamaican, Bredda!😉
Give thanx 4 sweet Jamaica🇯🇲


Respect bredda! Gotta rep where we come from. Can't wait to dip my toes on the sand with a red stripe in my hand and high-grade in the other.

Star, did you get the "plandemic reggae" & the tagged "Bitcoin Times" emails?

Yes I ! Got the tagged and sent out to DJs. Also received the Plandemic, I need to pree it more though but first thought on an interring twist would be you think it's a plandemic but I feel God send it, so it's like two opposing views. First thought came to mind.

I really need to reply to the emails faster , sorry bredda.

I like the opposing view perspective, but not for the "plandemic" 😉.
100% "God" "send" it, everything happens for a reason.
Still it remains a plandemic.
Not trying to convince you star, but on this one we need "to watch in the
same direction" so that the chorus makes sense.
If it's not your "cup of tea" it's still all Love😉
Yo, i just submitted "Bitcoin Times" to a DistroKid Playlist for Spotify.
Let's see...

Yeah, mi nuh too wah get into the corona tune, I di the song, but is jut something I don't wanna be talking about in an entire song. Get me on the next one.

Nice! I didn't even know they had a playlist.🤞 fingers crossed.

Cool, i overstand 😉

Yes,yes,yes...Westmoreland here i come 😜