First day of #mot challenge “Grateful to be Jamaican”

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Photos taken from a National Geographic book I saw in a library here in Japan.

Today I’m proud and grateful that I’m Jamaican. Though I’m far from home, everything I do represents my flag. Every project I’ve worked on the last couple of years has had something to do with my country.

I’m grateful fi di patois weh me speak, though some may say my English is broken, the truth is I can break it when I feel and only a few will understand.

I’m grateful to be from the ganja capital of the world. Some used to see it as a bad thing but now many countries are fighting for that label.

I’m grateful that Reggae music flows in my blood and anything can be turned into a musical melody.

I’m grateful for the unique culture and people of my island 🌴. Our country is a brand worldwide, “We likkle but we Tallawah”: meaning we are a small nation but we are strong in spirit and culture.

I’m grateful to be Jamaican 🇯🇲



#mot stands for month of thanksgiving,( though I’d prefer month of gratitude but a name is name ) and it’s a challenge for the month of November to write something your grateful for everyday for the month. But the good thing is it’s easy going, you can post it anywhere and if you miss a day or two just get back at it. Read more in this post here by @theroad2freedom.


You have all the reasons to be a proud Jamaican, Bredda!😉
Give thanx 4 sweet Jamaica🇯🇲

Respect bredda! Gotta rep where we come from. Can't wait to dip my toes on the sand with a red stripe in my hand and high-grade in the other.

Star, did you get the "plandemic reggae" & the tagged "Bitcoin Times" emails?

Yes I ! Got the tagged and sent out to DJs. Also received the Plandemic, I need to pree it more though but first thought on an interring twist would be you think it's a plandemic but I feel God send it, so it's like two opposing views. First thought came to mind.

I really need to reply to the emails faster , sorry bredda.

I like the opposing view perspective, but not for the "plandemic" 😉.
100% "God" "send" it, everything happens for a reason.
Still it remains a plandemic.
Not trying to convince you star, but on this one we need "to watch in the
same direction" so that the chorus makes sense.
If it's not your "cup of tea" it's still all Love😉
Yo, i just submitted "Bitcoin Times" to a DistroKid Playlist for Spotify.
Let's see...

Yeah, mi nuh too wah get into the corona tune, I di the song, but is jut something I don't wanna be talking about in an entire song. Get me on the next one.

Nice! I didn't even know they had a playlist.🤞 fingers crossed.

Cool, i overstand 😉

Yes,yes,yes...Westmoreland here i come 😜

What a lovely post. Sweet pictures of Jamaica too. Jamaica is a wonderful place and Jamaicans are wonderful people. Yes I like the gratitude tag better too but hey - One Love ❤️

Thank you very much, i appreciate your kind words.
I like when a post flows naturally. One love and more blessings Sally ❤️💛💚

Nice post, DMiLLiZ!

I'm proud to know one Jamaican! :)

That is the first time I’ve seen someone write my name how I’d write it! You got soul bro! Btw where are u from?

I live in Spain, but I'm Hungarian... ;)


Hi @dmilliz
Good challenge, nice publication.
The reality of those of us who are outside or far from our countries of origin can feel a strange sensation that something is missing.
At least it is my feeling, regardless of whether we are well off where we are. The rooting to "our thing" is part of our being, I'll tell you something...

Recently I heard the Venezuelan national anthem, by chance, it was happening in a commercial place in Bogota, and they were going to play Colombia and Venezuela. Wow, it was impressive what I felt when I heard the notes of the National Anthem.
To feel proud of your country, is something we should all keep in mind, because regardless of the conditions that lead one to leave and move away from it, you will always have a part of your country in you .

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Yes indeed, that lingering feeling hat something is missing and "what am I doin here pops up now and then.

I can imagine the feeling of hearing the national anthem on the TV in Columbia, anthems really go deep to our pride for our nation.

Totally agree, no matter what led you to another nation, your home country will always have a strong postion in your heart. Someone asked me a deep question the other day; “Where do you want to to die, in Japan or in Jamaica?” It through me off guard but man, the things we have to think about living away.

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Where do you wnt to die, in Japan or in Jamaica?"...

I never thought about this question before. I think I never think about death, although it is something we have for sure, at some point in our lives, it is a binomial (life/death) that I don't think will stop accompanying us.

What a reflection I take with me before going to bed.
Thank you, brot.

😯 Yeah, sorry about that, but I know you know it is a good question to ponder.

No problem @dmilliz, it really is a good question, one lives immersed in it day by day, and thinks about the future, of course, but not often at that moment that you will not have a future anymore, at least not in physical condition, it really is a good question.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the MOT Challenge. And thank you for sharing your love for your country today. I have not had the privilege of visiting there, but would love to see it some day.

I look forward to seeing more posts from you as the month goes on.

Thanks for the great initiative, I used to write a gratitude journal so this was on my vibration.

I hope you do get to visit the Island one day, it is a magical place. Oh yeah, you will see more for sure.

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Nice post!
#Proud Jamaicans everywhere!
As they say, being Jamaican is an experience.
Very strong in spirit and culture - cannot deny that. I love my island home 😍