My 10k mark

in Ecency2 months ago (edited)

First of all, I would like to thank a few people, communities and my fellow supporters that had been with me all these while. I don't know if I will be able to list them all, but I will try to give credit to each and every of you,without you, I'm nobody in #hive or probably neither in #steem. Won't hesitate to admit that, majority of high influencing individual are from that era, some probably still maintain active over there.


@francesaw, you're the person who is responsible to drag me into this 🤣 thank you for spending that SBD to buy a minnowvote on my first post and gave me a wrong perception, thinking I can rely on crypto blogging to make a living. Apparently, not quite there, but am happy to get to know a bunch of good people here.

@bitrocker2020 thanks for showing the way, be my inspiration, and also thank you for your upvote support. I really appreciate it! Ask me anytime, we go charsiew again, on me! Everytime!

@redpalestino you know it's not about the vote! It's the fellowship! This is the single foreigner that I met the most offline! Probably see his face more than I seen my boss at work. Crazy topics, laughing out loud at the public and getting head turns is our goal.

@travelgirl @livinguktaiwan thank you for listening to my complaints, despite I know how childish it was, knowing I can't change the rule or bend the law, you girls has been guiding me and providing moral support and ofcourse upvotes support. I cherish them all.

@erikah @wakeupkitty @olivia08 other than community supported projects, you girls are the one I commented the most, and you girls has been commented on me more than I do for you. I really cherish the engagement and I will try to go over to your posts more then often.

And to all my colleagues and ex-colleagues in #ecency #esteemapp, namely @good-karma @melinda010100 @face2face @jznsamuel @iamjadeline @syedumair @owner99 @khanza.aulia @victoria-bella @midun @horpey @michaelcabiles @futuremind arrangement not in any sorting order. I really appreciate the opportunity that offered me to work with. We've been through a lot, we've lost some and gain a lot from this community project, especially experience and friendship.

There's just way too many names, not forgetting #teammalaysia and the main contributors over there @littlenewthings @elizacheng @superoo7 @awesomianist , if I continue to add more, I think pretty soon someone is gonna get pissed and report me as spam tagging. So, let me just keep this short, simple and sweet. I really appreciate all the support. I have kept my promise to NOT power down this account, and that has remain unchanged for a very long time. I will continue to grow and continue to contribute to the community, especially in #ecency.

Once again, thank you all ❤️


Congratulations !! We’re writing history here 👊

Thanks buddy! Yes we are!

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Thank you boss!

Wow.. Congratulations bro.. you made it.. It is not an easy task.. =) Keep it up.. Malaysia Boleh..

Yes. After almost 4 years. Last year 2020 was literally full stopped, as I didn't grow much.

Hey bro.. same here.. I paused for a while too.. but congrats my bro.. keep it up..

Oh my dear @davidke20, you are such a good person I ever knew tgere and here. You helped me grow my account. I wint forget you. Keep safe and God bless


Thank you very much! We will grow together. Let me know what tag does Filipino use. I recently made new friend and I wish to bring her in to use hive.

hiveph and hivephilippines @davidke20

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Woah.. thanks alot of HP there bro😱😱🤤

Lemme arrange these HP to upvote all my friends 😉 should thank you too, I can run again! Until 3 weeks ago, got a quarantine band and stuck home for 2 weeks 🤣 now I'm lazy already

Hey bro.. thats great!! After u stop workout u will definitely be lazy.. same to me as well. Lace up ur shoes and lets do this!!💪💪😎

You're rants ara annoyingly sweet, always happy to lend an ear to a friend 😍

Congrats on reaching 10k!!

Thank you LUT! This reply makes me feel 30 years younger 😅

Congrats to you! It has been a pleasure to curate with you at Ecency!

Thanks for tolerating me. I've been ranting and making complaints everywhere when I'm serious at work 😅

I have never seen you rant! You always bring up fair points. 😉

Congrats on the milestone!! wishing you many more ;)

Thank you very much 😀

i am back, sehat selalu abang @davidke20