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RE: Ladies of Hive Community Contest #28

in Ladies of Hive3 months ago (edited)

Currently there is some render error in @ecency mobile (Android 10).
I currently cannot read the post properly.




Go to peakd and it works fine it works great too, just mobile app had this bug on some devices, we are releasing fix tomorrow

Thanks for the amazing amount of work you do to keep everything running smoothly for all of us!

@xplosive Have you installed the most recent updates? It works fine for me on my phone now.

Yes (v3.0.17, 1617984923R), and the bug is still there somehow.

We fixed it expect mew version release tomorrow or after tomorrow. On it works great, mobile app gets update soon.

Thank you for coming by and keeping us informed and for giving us such wonderful ways to be connected!

@good-karma? Everything looks great for me on Android 11