Ladies of Hive Contest : Small Chops Affair

The moment I saw the contest had to do with food, I knew I had to make an entry. Hello everyone, I'll do the honors of answering both questions this week.

'If you had a choice to "COOK" or "ORDER DELIVERY," which would you choose, what food would you have, and why?'

This is a very simple question with an easy answer. I'd pick making orders any day over cooking. It's always surprising and a thing of joy for me when I see there are people who love cooking. I cook for survival only and not for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, ordering food means spending more money than I normally would if I cooked myself and I'm not rich.

If I was to order for food now, I'd go for small chops. 'Small chops' in Nigeria is all of the deep fried flour goodness you can think of. It includes puff-puff, Samosa, fish rolls, chin-chin, peppered meat etc.

images 53.jpeg

images 54.jpeg

I literally am having a foodgasm from these photos right now.

They're really delicious and come in all shapes and forms. The fillings are particularly spicy, Nigerian style and just leaves me craving for more.

Puff-puff is quite the king of all small chops in Nigeria and it's very easy to make. To answer the second question,

When you cook, what is one of the best dishes of your country/region? Share the recipe with us, please!

Here's a puff-puff recipe.

images 55.jpeg


  • All purpose flour (500g)
  • Sugar (150g)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Milk (optional)
  • Yeast (10g)

To be completely honest, I don't even measure the ingredients most times, I just throw everything in a bowl and mix with water until I get a smooth, sticky batter.

Do the mixing with warm water or warm milk using your hand. Cover the batter properly to avoid air getting in and leave for 30 mins. The batter would rise and then you'd be ready to fry.

Set your vegetable oil in a pan on the stove, enough to deep fry. When it's hot, scoop the batter with your fingers and roll into the hot oil. It will puff up in a ball as it gets into the oil. That's where the name puff-puff comes from.

Fry until golden brown and you should have something like this

images 56.jpeg

I hope you try this out and tell me what you think.

Thank you!

I invite @glotokens to participate in the contest.


Madame African mums have not grounded you in how to love cooking abi? As a female child around here you must love cooking weather you like it or not. No one orders food for my dad, he must eat homemade meals to the delight of his stomach. And when I say food, small chops is definitely not one.

Even my mum dislikes cooking. It's just a necessity to cook.

I grew to like it... But I most times cook when we can afford all the spicy ingredients so I can bring out my desired taste. I have cooking average meals, I will just leave my brother to cook and eat it themselves

Aawwn thanks so much for the mention will do well to participate.
Much love❤❤

Even though most people feel its a most to know how to cook but in reality not everyone likes cooking for fun, so you are good dear. The important thing is to know your way around a meal when you want to make one for your sake and that of your family

True that

Yum, they all look delicious!
I'll try the "Puff Puff" recipe!

Okay 😁

Everything looks amazing and flavorful. If I could, I'd have a plate in front of me right now!

They taste amazing too

Hahahah... Don't say this outside ooooo. How can you be cooking just for survivor?

What should I now say about me? 🤣🤣

Woww... Cooking is truly not an easy thing but there are some people that really enjoys being in the kitchen and trying out different recipes. It's just like an adventure for them.

Well, ordered food also has its special flavour and aroma that accompanies it especially if you are buying from A reputable restaurants.

Your special puff puff recipe is looking very tempting

Puf pufs look delicious!
I can maybe try this here i ah e a frying pan

Good luck in the contest, and don’t forget tomorrow is the new one

I'd like to get your review