Ladies of Hive Contest 12 - Getting Some Order

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Happy new year to my ladies of hive, today I found it appropriate to answer the first question of the week's contest because I already was thinking about it since we entered the new year. The question is,

"For what do you need to take more time in your life? And why?"

Like everyone else every new year, I want to be more productive. I know it's cliché to make such resolution but what really is the point of life if you're not trying to be better?

To point out what I really need to spend time on, I first run through what I spend time on already. My findings are that I spend time on my phone a lot, I spend time sewing outfits for myself and the remaining time I spend sleeping.

I have no problem with these things at all because I love doing them but I have to make it profitable for me and have some order to it all. For my time spent on my phone, I'd love more of it to be on hive. I spend too much time scrolling twitter laughing at tweets that don't add any value to me. Thankfully, I've been bored of twitter the last few weeks so it's a good start.


I'll be creating more hive content and seeking writing gigs outside of hive. I have a fiverr account that was doing well initially but it's been devoid of activity for a while. I figure it's my fault for tweaking my gig so I'll have to do some changes. I write about lifestyle and skincare by the way. You could hit me up if you have a job for me. Here's my fiverr link also

There are many free courses I'd love to take online and if I can dedicate my hours of YouTube viewing everyday to taking these courses instead, I would be really proud of myself at the end of the year.

I love to read but now, I feel like a shadow of myself because I don't do it often. I've made a conscious effort to turn off my internet when I see myself clicking aimlessly in my social media apps. I open the epub reader instead to do some reading. I don't want to place a mark on the number of books I'd read this year but at this rate, I say 20 at least.

On to my sewing, I'm going to limit the number of times I go to the fashion school because I mostly don't do much there. I'll be making new outfits from the corner of my room and putting them up for sale on my social media platforms.

My sleeping pattern is not bad at all. I don't stay up late like before and it's just perfect.

I might need to do more strolling outside to get some sunshine like @xmauron3 advised, to ward off the plaguing anxiety I usually feel.

That's about it for me. Hey @faith65, how about you join in on this if you're not in already.


Social media do tend to take too much precious personal time.
I work Night sifts and look after my kids in the day along with the household, a part time job for three days a month too. You add Hive and that does not leave much time as I often sacrifice sleep to get a Hive post finished on time. 😴
Avoided Twitter and FB.

Thanks for sharing @wolfofnostreet 💓

That's a lot on your plate! And you still sacrifice your sleep for hive? Wow

You're superwoman

WOW seems like you have plenty going on! so happy for you and I hope you get more prosperous this year!

Thanks Mac. I hope for the best for you too

Yaayyyyys! Would love to join this challenge. I'm sure it'll help me a lot in reflecting on my goals. That's by the way, this write up is lovely. I love the composure and yeah, your blog makes writing seem easy. I hope you can limit your screen time like you said and also achieve all other things because having a change in the most profitable way is deemed necessary. Good luck

Thank you!
I'm looking forward to your entry

Lots of things going there! But come to think of it, I get that you want to focus on sewing and writing!

They're the two things I like doing anyway 🙂

It's funny... I'm here, but I dread writing!!! 🥰🌺🤙 !ENGAGE

The irony


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What a great perspective money is everywhere

It sure is 😁

I guess you will find the time and You will be proud of it at the end of this year! Go!!!!

Hopefully. Thank you!

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