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This is a double post for me! My introduction to the community and my entry for their first challenge... so HIII to all the community of Ladies of Hive, my name is Amelia but you can call me tripode, i'm an Interior Designer by profession, at your service with anything, i also have my own store of printed items under the name of @tripode (all the info is at the end of the post) also graphic designer, photographer, painter and dancer by hobby... always willing to help and contribute my bit of sand.

Since i saw this community i thought it was a great initiative, since its mission is to promote and encourage female voices in Hive. They want to support, elevate and learn from each other (in a space without drama, oved this part). And on top of that they also support those who support this vision, that includes man too.

For the contest the idea is to choose one of three questions and answer them, i chose this one:

If you got 100 dollars now, what would be the first thing you would do with that amount?

Although it sounds a little silly, i would invest it in Hive, without thinking twice... because i want to grow very much and there is no better way than investing in the Blockchain. Another reason is, that through an initiative of @galenkp in the community of Engage the weekend, i won a delegation of 1,000 HP for a month, supported by @tarazkp... and you know what they say, you get used to the good stuff fast.

( @galenkp and @tarazkp if you read this, thank you very much for the support you have given me, you can't imagine how it has helped me and all that i have taken advantage of... soon i will tell you how i used the delegation ).

But nothing, the idea would be to convert those 100 dollars in Hive, i would wait until the rate reaches at least 1 dollar to have 100 Hive Dollars, then change them to Hive that according to my calculations would go to 639.94 Hive and then POWER UP. I think it works that way tho.

Thank you for getting this far and for stopping by my blog, i hope to see you again soon.


Este es un doble post para mi! Mi introducción a la comunidad y mi entrada para el primer challenge... así que HOLA a toda la comunidad de Ladies of Hive, me llamo Amelia pero pueden decirme tripode, soy Diseñadora de Interiores de profesión, a la orden con cualquier cosa, tengo mi propia tienda de artículos impresos a nombre de @tripode (toda la info está al final del post) también diseñadora gráfica, fotógrafa, pintora y bailarina de hobby... siempre dispuesta a ayudar y aportar mi granito de arena.

Desde que ví esta comunidad me pareció super buena iniciativa, ya que su misión es potenciar y animar a las voces femeninas en Hive. Quieren apoyar, elevar y aprender unos de otros (en un espacio sin drama, esta es mi parte favorita). Y además de esto también apoyan a los que apoyan esta visión.

Para el concurso la idea es elegir una de tres preguntas y responderlas, yo elegí esta:

Si consiguieras 100 dólares ahora, ¿Qué sería lo primero que harías con esa cantidad?

Aunque suene un poco tonto, yo lo invertiría en Hive, sin pensarlo dos veces... porque tengo muchas ganas de crecer y no hay mejor forma que invertir en la Blockchain. Otra razón es, que por una iniciativa de @galenkp en la comunidad de Engage the weekend, gané una delegación de 1,000 HP por un mes, apoyada por @tarazkp... y ya saben lo que dicen, uno se acostumbra rápido a lo bueno.

( @galenkp y @tarazkp si leen esto, muchísimas gracias por el apoyo que me han dado, no se imaginan como me ha ayudado y todo lo que lo he aprovechado... pronto les contaré como utilicé la delegación ).

Pero nada, la idea sería convertir esos 100 Dollares en Hive, esperaría a que la tasa llegue a 1 dollar por lo menos para tener 100 Hive Dollars, luego los cambiaria a Hive que según mis cálculos pasaría a 639.94 Hive y luego POWER UP. O al menos creo que funciona así.

Gracias por llegar hasta aquí y por pasar por mi blog, espero volver a verte pronto.


Initiative created by @ladiesofhive in the community of Ladies of Hive, If you want to join the challenge leave the link.

I want to invite my friends @librepensadora and @ykroys to join the community.

Iniciativa creada por @ladiesofhive en la comunidad de Ladies of Hive, Si te quieres unir al challenge dejo el link.

Quiero invitar a mis amigas @librepensadora y @ykroys a unirse a la comunidad.


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great answer because indeed 640 hive would make you a minnow instantly on your account on your way to dolphin. You first come test is fine and done on to the next one issues tomorrow !

And also welcome to ladies of hive. Indeed we aim to let the female vices join and be heard. The discord we run and have is a vibrant one and we join hands that is great and new to hive.

I want to wish you a great weekend and see you in the terminal OR ladies of hive


I feel that it would be a great step to continue growing on Hive. I'm on both community discords, you all share some great positive vibes always. Have a beautiful weekend too, see you around.

It was a pleasure to offer you some support. Keep up the great work! :)

I will!! Thank you so much!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much!!

Hola, mi amiga @tripode

Gracias por la invitación.

Parece buena idea invertir 100$ en Hive.

Un abrazo

Siempre amiga! Asi es muy buena inversión.

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So nice to meet you @tripode and what a great post that you wrote for your first post here!

I hope that all of your dreams come true- both in the #hive and IRL and I look forward to getting to know you better cause you sound like a very interestig, creative and proactive woman who knows what she wants!

Take care and speak soon. 😊

Thank you so much! Glad to read that you saw that on me in so little post! See you soon.

My pleasure and it was too easy. You sound like me! (but you sound way more confident and established..)

Stay safe hun and talk soon. 😀

Really? I like you already!

This is a great place to meet new faces, Welcome to Ladies of Hive @tripode .
A good choice putting it into HP, demonstrating your faith in our Blockchain in a very tangible way.

See you around later 🌼💚

Nice to meet you, i can feel this will be a great journey in the community! See you.

Welcome to Ladies of Hive @tripode. A great idea for your $100. I think Hive is a great investment and plan to add more to my portfolio.

i haven´t think Hive in that way, but sounds very interesting... adding it to portafolio. I will definitely do it.

I am so happy to see you here, my friend! Congrats on the nice delegation and I'm so glad you joined The Ladies of Hive Community!
Great contest entry!

Thank you Melinda! I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many fantastic women!