HivePUD 01-Oct-2020

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As I have stated in past PowerUp posts:

The PowerUp process is where we take liquid assets (HIVE, in this case) and stake it on-chain. In very simplistic terms, it's akin to buying stock, proving that you believe in the future of the chain. In return for the stake, those who PowerUp have a greater vote-value when they upvote posts (which, in turn, earns greater Curation Rewards), have more Resource Credits (RC) with which to transact with the blockchain, and earn 'dividends' of HP awarded periodically over time. [source]

Even though I have passed the 8,000 HP mark long ago and am no longer eligible for prizes in the big event of @streetstyle's #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day), currently being run by @traciyork with assistance from @brittandjosie, I am still PoweringUp today!

Much of the liquid HIVE in my wallet currently is earmarked for specific things, so I only planned to PowerUp 200 HIVE this time. But, due to the rampant node errors we've had lately — WTF is going on with that, anyway...?!?!? 😠 — I received an error that my first attempt to PowerUp 200 HIVE failed: Network Error. So, submitted the PowerUp request again. Next thing I knew, both of the transactions cleared and I had PoweredUp more than intended. 😠

Seriously, why are the nodes having such issues all-of-a-sudden? This week has been horrid as far as transactions go. Comments, upvotes, clearing notifications, so much has been failing with errors. The default API has always been particularly troublesome, but the nodes run by @anyx, @pharesim, et al., have been relatively stable until this week. Hopefully @crimsonclad, @gtg, or someone can tell us what is going on! 😮

So, yeah, node errors caused me to PowerUp twice what I intended, but it's not a problem, really, and I will move some funds around to make up for it. The good news, however, is that this PowerUp puts me over the 15,000 HP mark! I am really pumped about this! Yessssssssssss!


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal



We have been wondering what's going on with the errors too! It actually seems to be crossing over to the other 2 platforms and isn't just Hive! And, to top it all off, a fork is coming Tuesday for Hive! Holy cow!, I hope it all gets straightened out soon!

I hear your frustration with the double power up. Maybe they will get it all fixed soon.

Take care @thekittygirl, and have a good one!💜

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 25 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Hive Power Up Day - Introducing the Power Up Helper!

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - Introducing the Power Up Helper!

There are mishaps, and mishaps happen, slow connections, faulty nodes, hickey problems that sometimes are not so bad after all.

Always happy to see people involving themselves further into blockchain blogging and communicating in new technology, it is fun!

Good message with plenty of links for people to learn more @thekittygirl as always ten out of ten...

15,000 HP, a mighty achievement indeed! Congratulations. That's my next mini-milestone.

Yeah, the node thing has been really frustrating, especially given the timing. I'm sorry to hear that it gave you an issue, but silver lining with crossing the 15K mark! WHOO HOO!

And thank you for continuing to support Hive Power Up Day! I'm still holding out hope that one of these days soon, @streetstyle is going to pop in and be absolutely amazed by how it's grown! 🤩

Also, slight correction - @victoriabsb has been the one assisting me with Power Up Day things, ever since we decided to combine #HivePUD and the Spanish #HPUD (I swear that superhero of a woman never sleeps! 😂). But @brittandjosie has also been an awesomesauce supporter for the past few months, and it's greatly appreciated! 💜

Next level dear above 15000 is huge congrats

15k is a nice threshold!!! Congrats @kittygirl.

These node issues are getting a bit frustrating, don't know what the problem is, sometimes I refresh and try upvoting again and it seems ok, and other times it doesn't work even if I change nodes 😔

Wow 15k! Well Done! I'm at 3k after plundering my old Steem account and still on a slow boat to Japan.

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The node issues definitely aren't fun! Unfortunately, you may find that using PeakD via PeakLock directly will go a little more smoothly- right now, Hivemind nodes are all being prepped for the coming hardfork and it appears Keychain is struggling with this a bit. This is sort of a perfect storm- because a majority of Hivemind has been rebuilt from the ground up, those nodes all require updates and replays, and we're getting into the home stretch where all the operators are getting ready and most don't have backups (RPCs are the really expensive nodes, which is part of what all of this is meant to address along with speed and better options for end users.)

Normally, these RPC issues aren't something that we see a lot of going into a hardfork, because the nodes being updated for HFs are the witness nodes- those handle validation of transactions, rather than the signing and broadcasting. (this isn't totally in depth technically accurate but it's enough to sort of outline what's happening.) Most witness operators have backups, and even if they miss a block, you generally don't see the error on your end when you're doing your thing. With many of the Hivemind nodes being fully replayed, everyone else is hammering at the few ones that are up and many operators have restrictions in place to make sure their nodes don't get swamped, so that translates to slow downs. It's pretty crummy, but part of getting all of this work deployed and actually improve speeds and performance. ( I know it doesn't feel like it from an end user perspective at this second.)

It really underlines why it is important we have more and more, why projects need their own, and why bringing the costs and ease of deployment down really matters! It's a kind of annoyingly painful step on creating a Hive that serves users better. Thanks for being patient.

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@crimsonclad ~ THANK YOU for the response and the explanation! You rock! 🤘

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yes I've powered up a ton , I did a one week power down just for the hell of it but powered it right back up and such , it feels good, also it's nice wallets are a thing cause I like to support people who stake it /invest like myself no matter if they are doing way less then me or way more, it's how the ecosystem survives

That's what I would call a happy accident- unless ofcourse that leaves you with nothing to pay the power bill with...😬

Also would the naughty nodes have anything to do with the intended hardfork on the 6th???

 2 months ago 

Yes, the node issues this week is preliminary work being done for the hardfork. One of the witnesses replied in another comment with more info: 🙂

Cool thanks hun! I'll get in and read it right now (and then promptly forget it all...🙄..)