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One of the things I enjoyed most about HiveFest V was the special NFT Showroom location and looking at all the artwork that was there. Each piece was the hard work of one of the many artists on the Hive blockchain, and we definitely blessed to have some talented individuals here!

Just like in a physical art gallery, one is free to wander around and look at whatever exhibits catch the eye. This was a lot of fun! I had a sneak-preview of this virtual showroom during one of @crimsonclad's CyberBuzz MSP-Waves broadcasts one Saturday, and @juliakponsford delighted us by joining Crimsonclad on-voice that day and talking about the NFT Showroom project. I think it is a fabulous addition to the Hive blockchain, and most definitely adds value and diversity to what Hive has to offer!

The only frustrating thing for me about the NFT Showroom gallery at HiveFest was that three artworks were hung very high in one area with no way to get close to them to examine them in any detail. The AltspaceVR software has a feature where users can "fly" into the air and float around, but that feature was disabled in the NFT Showroom (at least, that's what was showing my 'Settings' screen). The three inaccessible artworks are shown below-left, on a wall high above the smaller artworks at eye-level.

Other than that one little thing, the NFT Showroom was quite awesome in all aspects! The building was laid-out with an interesting floor plan and it was easy to strafe-left or -right down a row of artwork, pausing at each piece for as long as one wished. There were also plenty of little nooks and crannies where one could retreat for private conversation with others, including a whole roof-level space. My favorite little spot, though, was a short, almost-missed hallway that led to a balcony on the back of the building, a very cool spot, indeed! So, big KUDOS!!! to whomever setup that gallery! 🙌

I heard that the VR NFT Showroom location would remain open for at least a few days after HiveFest ended, but I wasn't able to find a way back into it. BIG THANKS to @hans001 for the link to get me back in! I would love to see this virtual-reality version of the NFT Showroom become a permanent location in AltspaceVR! 😃

The link, for those who need it:

One of the artworks I really liked was Radioactive Aquamarine by @paolazun. Although the subject was supposed to be a portrait of a mermaid, that wasn't what attracted me to this piece. Instead, I liked the way the artist rendered the feminine features of the girl, and I liked her choice of colors. As an added benefit, when I went to the NFT Showroom website, I was quite taken by what the artist wrote: "Swimming in the radioactivity of my consciousness, escaping the toxicity of the outside world." ~ Yes! How wonderful is that...?!?!? 😊

So, that artwork (shown in the screenshot, below-right) became my first art purchase on the NFT Showroom website! So, I am now the proud owner of a piece of art, although I am not sure what to do with it yet. 😂 Am I supposed to just look at the artwork online, am I allowed to print it and frame it, can I use it as an avatar, or what...?!?!? Does anyone know?

Regarding artwork, I'd like to say something...

I remember reading a comment someone made online a few years ago, which I found disturbing. He said that with all the free music online, only a fool would actually pay for music nowadays. 😒 That is a very short-sighted and horrendous attitude for anyone to have, in my opinion.

Sure, there is a lot of free music out there, some donated by musicians in hopes of selling albums, some of it pirated/bootlegged copies, and some of it streamed by reputable services (like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) in hopes of selling their Premium services. And I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to purchase a lot of music, given the state of the world economy today.

But, if everyone on the earth took the attitude of that selfish and cynical person and totally stopped paying anything for music, the musicians would not be able to support themselves and then there would be no new music at all. The same is true with other artforms, as well. What would that one jackass say if people stopped paying for the services that his livlihood provides...? With the proverbial shoe on the other foot, I am sure he would have a rather fast change-of-heart!

Sure, I could have merely bookmarked the page to that artwork I liked on NFT Showroom and gone to that page to look at it occasionally, or even printed a bootleg copy of the artwork to hang in my home. However, my conscience would have bothered me, especially if I had done the latter. And the artist who worked hard to create that art might have been disillusioned by lack of a sale and stopped producing additional illustrations.

Like the lyrics to a Beyonce song says: "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."

Buying a piece of art occasionally when one is able, or buying an album/song from a musician when one is able, is putting a "ring" on it, and making art sustainable for the artists as well as the consumers. It's the "right thing to do," in my humble opinion and I have no regrets at sending some HIVE to the artist to purchase this piece, just as I am happy to purchase a song or album by a musician that I really like. In fact, I already have my sights on another piece of NFT art by @bryan-imhoff that I saw at HiveFest!





Thanks so much for checking out my work and sharing this great write up of the NFT Showroom gallery! I'm so glad you enjoyed both! I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to "attend in person" and mingle with everyone.

Omg you almost made my cry of happiness😻. Thank you so much really, your words mean a lot for me like an artist, cos i put all my love in every piece of art I make and that can be appreciate all this effort and good energy and I can make a person happy with my art is everything to me ❤️.

I'm a bit gutted I had all the issues with acces, thanks for showing us around @thekittygirl

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WOW, HiveFest sounds cool. I never know about NFT Showroom in HiveFest. Well, I don't really know HiveFest.

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Yeah great right? 😀

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

HiveFest looked good, few glitches still well worthwhile catching the replay with some really exciting features covered.

Must say I do agree where artists are concerned, why are people so reluctant to spent money online. When we wished to purchase vinyl records you went into a music store to buy most music, sometimes art posters were available as well.

Now people think everything you see online is for the taking.