Depot Tree

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On a recent night, I had to mail a birthday card for a family member. On the way home from the Post Office, I passed the old railroad depot in town. It is no longer used as a depot, as the small railroad that once serviced the town has closed, so the building has been repurposed into another service owned by the town. They had a lovely little tree decorated outside with pretty white lights and a star on top, so I had to stop and get a shot of it!

Above is an artsy processing, and the original photo appears below.

It's such a simple little scene, but so charming at night! I decided it would make a good photo for a banner to celebrate the #wintermas tag I created, so there it is, below! If you are using the #wintermas tag for your holiday/winter photos, feel free to use the banner if you wish! You don't have to give me credit; I put my initials in the lower-right. I'm just thrilled when I see others joining the fun with the tag and using the banner would help spread the word to others! ❄️


# wintermas banner by me




Merry Christmas, @thekittygirl!🥰🌺🤙 !ENGAGE

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Ooooh! Love the little banner, sweet editing 😎

Merry Christmas my friend, and thank you for the card. It's beautiful.

I love old trains and especially old train depots. I need to head up to skull valley and take a picture of my current favorite. It's an old Hampton House and the tracks it served are long gone, but the depot lives on as a bar/restaurant that has quite good food in spite of it's remote location..

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

WOW, that is a very beautiful Christmas tree.

Beautiful!!! Happy Marry Christmas.

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This is by far the nicest season and I feel so cheerful when I see all the decorations, loved the banner you made out of it , 6 days till New Years already

What a quaint little building! And you are right, it made an excellent little photo @thekittygirl!

Wouldn't the nickname thebannergirl be your secret alias?
Merry Christmas @thekittygirl 🎄❤️

Merry christmas and happy holiday to you @thekittygirl :)

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