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RE: The Bloody Raven's entry for Contest 7 : My Green Side!

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Oh my!
Watch your garden grow!
Not bad for two months work,,, recycling that is.
Love the music... to be played during your funeral, you say?
Good luck with the contest!!!!


That's Ten months so far with two months to go and most of it goes to Silver for sure, budget-guilt and Tax free cash!

In case I didn't tell you, my Choice of Wedding music if the Lord ever blesses me so is Canon in D minor, but not the Pacabelle's Canon, No no no. Pirate Canon!
By Thomas Bergersen, complete with feast and sword fight! ⚔️

Always, with love 🤗🌺💖☠️

EPIC!!! I can imagine you walking down the aisle, in black attire and all the works...
Do not forget to invite me!!!!

Of course I will Sis.
Did I mention the Pirate ship mock up?
The Pastor will pose as Black Bart (The real Bartholomew held pirate church services on Sundays as he used to attend a church in his youth and able to read).
The Captain would be dashing with his senior officers.
Mirrored by the fabulous appropriately attired Tavern wenches.
And the bride will be swinging in! Literally.
And we'll handing out real Silver ...doubloons (Engraved)
☠️⚔️ "Captain and First Mate" ⚔️☠️

I think my father would love the idea!

Reserving my next Ladies of Hive Question:
What is your ULTIMATE Wedding?

Ooooh... come to think of it, I want to be at the wedding entourage! I want to be dressed as a Tavern wench!!!
Wait, when do you hand out the real silver... before, as you process in? or after?
You never spoke of your father before!
Hmmm... what is your ULTIMATE Wedding?

That can be arranged.
1 oz. Silver Dubs, during the program...maybe, but not before.
My Father was my original Captain in my childhood card board sailing ship, the dolls and stuffies were the crew with the occasional special guest neighborhood kids.
He has a secret gift for me, I believe it as intended for a wedding, The genuine 1794 Mexico 8 reals coin.

Perhaps you can pose the question and I post a response to see.

Now I remember.. how can I forget!!! My illness ... brain cells lost!!!
Wow ...1794 8 Reakes coin!
Why don't you do an independent article!!!!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.