Green is Good

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Heya Ladies! It has been a while since I last joined the Ladies of Hive contest. I have always planned on joining but then a lot of stuff (reasons!) keep getting in the way. Anyway, for this week, I super love the questions especially the first one! I love all the questions from the previous contests but this one hits a home run.

Green is good!

What do you do for the environment and what is your best tip? Tell us about your 'Green' side!

For Fresher Air

This has actually my goal ever since I started my urban farming a few years back. Originally, I just wanted to see if I can grow some plants in my backyard. I only had just a few plant pots back then. Until later on, I have two trees growing on giant plant boxes, 3 crawling plants, a lot of chili varieties, tomatoes, calamansi, mung beans, pechay, among others.

The habit stuck to me and so even after we moved to our new apartment, I still found a way to grow my mini food forest again. It was an arduous task given the circumstances we have right now, but what can I say, when there's a will, there's a way.

Green is good, indeed! Fresh air in the city is mostly impossible especially in a highly congested residential area near the roadside. I positioned my new mini food forest at the rooftop so that whenever my kid goes upstairs to play under the sun, we have a bit of oxygen from our greenery. I know right now it's still too little, but the plants are growing, the leaves and flowers are blooming, the air is getting fresher and fresher. It's more relaxing to stay upstairs now that there is a corner with cool green plants.

Reduce Waste as Much as Possible

Before, I thought living green is impossible. It turns out, it was challenging but it is very much doable. The main reason why I fell in love with vegetable gardening is the amount of waste reduced from our household. Now, all the kitchen scraps go to my compost pail. It is a mixture of soil, paper, sawdust/wood shavings, and my kitchen scraps. Paper waste like gift wrappers, paper bags, etc is either recycled or shredded and added into the compost.

Almost all of my daughter's learning materials are made out of scraps like milk cartons, container caps, etc. My plant starters are also recycled plastics. Since I can't just throw them and I can't think of a decorative project for them, I used them as plant starters which will be put into the plant pot once the seedlings start to sprout. Right now, I have used several recycled materials like milk scoopers, Yakult bottles, medicine boxes, disposable food containers, and so much more.

Think Twice before Throwing that Trash

Try to see if there are other things you can do with the trash before putting it in the bin. If it can be reused, then do so. Old alcohol bottles can be used as pencil holders. Ice cream boxes can be used as sewing boxes or storage boxes for your trinkets. It's almost Christmas, if you have the artsy side, you can use those recyclable materials and convert them into beautiful decorations. Just think twice before throwing those trash away. Because technically, there's no "away" or "out". All those trash that we throw comes back to us one way or another.

I am really worried about how our trash is being handled after we take them out. Here in our country, there are schedules for throwing biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash. But then once the garbage collectors arrive, they don't really check. And of course, it needs discipline for the schedules to be followed and imposed but it seems that nobody really cares about their trash and how they throw them. It's depressing, really. In our household, we try our best to help lessen the problem that Mother Earth is already experiencing. We are just hoping that more families would do the same.

This is my entry to the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #7. Go ahead and check out the post and join in. I am inviting @gailbelga, @jonalyn2020, @jurich60, @diosarich, @sarimanok,@olivia08, and @straykat to join in too!

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Thanks for the invitation dear.

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Green is good!
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In Canada each region has it's own lofty Environmental goals but practice is so different as I believe many Canadians like most westerners are still in the old 'Throw away' and 'Consumerism' culture and only recycle or reuse at a minimal effort.

I lived in an apartment before and I can get a feel for what that is like but I had only a few potted plants including an Aloe but I also had easy access to plenty of green park spaces. But living in an apartment of a congested and smoggy city as you described would be a new experience for me. I now live in a detached home with a nice backyard to grow vegetables and berries in.

Thanks for sharing again @romeskie 💚

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Ahh I hope to someday live in a detached house too, grow a vegetable garden with a wider variety of choices, also a beautiful flower garden would be nice. Of course, the soil will be very healthy because of the compost.

Thanks for dropping by. 😊

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Hi dear romeskie thank you for joining our contest with the ladies of hive. Think Twice before Throwing that Trash is so true and we need to teach from young age

Thanks for inviting me @romeskie.

I would like to take part on this. Thank you for tagging me Ate Rome.

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