A letter to Me in 2019 - Writing a letter to myself

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I was scrolling my feed and one post caught my eyes, post is written by @livinguktaiwan. Obviously, the title caught my eyes and made me curious too. After reading her post, I have decided to write this post. If you are curious too, you can check it here.


Hello Dear Me,

If you are reading this letter that means you are in 2019 and you are making plans for 2020 obviously. I know you are freshly post-graduated and now you are going to plan a lot of things. You will be planning to fulfill your dreams one by one and a transition is already happening in your life. Not only you will plan but also you will be concerned about your upcoming career. You will also be in a dilemma whether you are going to stay here and settle yourself or will go back to Bangladesh. Your few documents work is still pending so you are also thinking to finish those all.

I can give you a quick update and now I am going to do that.

2020 is going to be a memorable year not just for you but for everyone. After the new year celebration, you will plan for your upcoming Euro Trip and Ukraine Trip which never gonna happen. Don't get me wrong but this will happen, trust me. I know you are saving money for your Euro trip but you have to postpone that. Why? Because there will be a situation which will force you to stay at home and you will be helpless. You will be forced to stay isolated and you will feel stuck.

Not only you but the whole world will be in shock. Now you might be thinking is the world going to end? No, the world will exist but the situation will be different. There will be a biological war that will destroy the entire world silently, people will be in fear and panicked and will be forced to stay at home. I am sure, you can't believe what I am saying. The whole world will be going to fight against a mutant virus that is almost invisible and powerful. This virus will be known as the Corona Virus or Covid-19 starts with simple flu and will be slowly attacking blood and lungs. The most disgusting and fearful fact is nobody gonna identify who is carrying this virus until the test.

So, you see because of this virus, your all plan will be ruined and you have to stuck at home. Even you won't be able to see your family and have to maintain social distance as well as wearing a mask. Yes, a mask and hand sanitizer will be a must and you have to wash your hand and have to wear a mask if you go out. Airports will be closed so you will be stuck in Kharkiv city.

But some positive things will also happen to you, you will learn many things. You will be able to improve your Russian language skill and Your paperwork will be done. Also, you will go on a road trip to search for the address of your village. And at the end of the year, you will adopt a dog for yourself...

So, get ready for a rock and roll journey of your upcoming 2020 life because I am not joking at all.

You will cry but you will learn to laugh as well because this year going to make you more mature. You must be thinking about whether you are going to survive or not, Yes you will survive and will stay healthy but mentally somehow you will feel destroyed. You will miss your family, friends but don't worry they will be fine too. Here is few advice for you :

  • Save Money
  • Stay Calm
  • Handle situations calmly and don't take the stress.
  • Stay home and no need to travel.
  • Changes will come but don't panic.

Just Stay Strong and Everything will be Fine...

This is my letter to me in 2019 and I am going to invite @blind-spot, @hafizullah, @bliss11, @cranium to write their letters too.

Thanks for reading...




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Yeah... a rock and roll journey!

Exactly and now I don't expect anything for 2021 :D

Hehehe... 🥰🌺🤙

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Exactly and now I don't expect anything for 2021 :D

This is one lovely and encouraging letter that says it all. It has been a roller coaster through the year but here we filled with hope of a better tomorrow. Thanks for the invite pretty....I would give it a shot. 😘🤗

I am sure you will write and express your thoughts in a very unique way, this year was interesting and I think we all have so many things to share...

Dear dreamer priyan
You became a mum , a furry mum in this difficult year, I wish you all the things that don’t happen in 2020 to happen in 2021
And a big hug

Ya, I forgot to focus on that point too, one of the most important point that changed my life and brought joy and happiness in this pandemic situation, my baby Gigi. Thanks dear for this lovely feedback...

Hello there @priyanarc , very nicely written.
Seems like we are all in the same boat, hunkering down at home, trying to stay strong and as positive as possible.
You are young and you will be traveling once again. So glad to be apart of this new community, #ladiesofhive.
Enjoy the Holidays!!

Seems like we are all in the same boat, hunkering down at home, trying to stay strong and as positive as possible.

Completely agree with you but there is nothing we can do except keeping ourselves safe which we are all doing...Hopefully, when everything will be normal I will be able to travel once again... I need to go to my country at least once...

hello dear friend @priyanarc good afternoon
I loved your letter, you described it very well the situation of which you have to be prepared.
On the other hand, I am very sorry that your travels were affected by this pandemic.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid good night and a merry Christmas

Thanks my friend, this year was hard for everyone I guess, many people's lives destroyed, shattered, and end as well. I hope we got enough lessons this year as well...

Happy Holiday...

Hi priyanarc,

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Thank you...

A rock and roll journey it certainly is!! And it's great that there was a silver lining to all this.

Exactly, I guess the beginning of 2021 will stay like this, and hopefully, slowly everything will be okay but it will take time...

You must have been spinning your wheels girl.
My solution to myself is to plan a few meaningful projects to keep busy and productive.
Fortunately, being a Nurse with a ticket in Respiratory and ventilator equipment made for me such a busy year that my Vacations and leaves were cancelled. I got Christmas off eventually, feeling very exhausted but a bit of exhilaration of accomplishing much.

I hope things settle in 2021 too.
Thanks for sharing @priyanarc

Honestly speaking I was feeling stuck and heartbroken because of staying away from family. Despite the negativity, something positive happened as well to me. I am glad that you got a chance to help people as you are a nurse, it's great to work and exhausting too. I wish you a great holiday season... Stay blessed...