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Hello friends! Good day and happy Sunday. It's my first time of posting here and I hope to be welcomed.

I'm super excited cos I was able to do one of the things I love.
There are two (2) skills I really wanted learning this year before it runs out, which is braiding hairs and baking cakes. I have a dream of owning my own shop where I will be able to plait hair and bake as well.

By the special grace of God, I've been able to braid hair. There's a nearby shop in my locality where I go to sit and learn few things about hair.

By now, I would have been a professional in that area but due to the fact that I'm always in school, sometimes, I do come over to the house during weekends to get some food stuffs and money, so I don't usually have time to continue with my hair business.

Thanks to the government for this lockdown period cos I've so maximized it and using this period to learn skills and improve myself as well.


So the hair you see me with is called "WIG", the ladies will know what I mean. I actually did this myself and I'm so proud of myself 🤗🤗🤗.


My phone was switched off when I started it, I would have snapped all the processes for you guys to see, I'll do that some other time.


WIG is a short and sum total of weavons that is nitted to make a real hair that one can use anything, anywhere.

It has different colors, and there are many styles you can choose or make. WIG can take you for a year if you can take care of it by applying the specified and required oil to make it shine and last long for you.

It is costly and is most preferred in times like this cos no one have money to go sit down and make a new hair.


This is what I did today, and I so love it, I'm actually progressing day by day.


Okay so, do feel free to place your orders, it's cheap and affordable. I'll gladly try my best to do what I can😀.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate. Do have a good day and stay safe.


I have never met a wig maker before until today. I just love the colors, especially the last you make them from real hair or something else?

The hair is actually a weapon just like attachment. So I make the wig from the weavon.

Oh, okay! There are some places I have seen wigs made from real hair. I wasn't completely sure. They look nice. Can't wait to see more styles you have made.

Thanks dear

First of all, welcome here.

Second, very interesting and I love what I see. I really hope you will show us more and tell us how you make those.

Thanks dear, soon I'll do that

Welcome, and I hope to see more of you~!

Thanks so much
Hope to see you too

Thank you so much for your blog and welcome to ladies of hive. That wig looks like real hair. Great that you have that’s talent and why not do both? A wig stylist with coffee corner with own baked stuff ! Have fine and see you next time

I must say I'm honoured
Thanks for the welcome
I'll definitely be a baker and stylist someday
It's just step by step

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Welcome to Ladies of Hive @mhizerbee
I would enjoy seeing more of your craft work.

Thank you very much

I would love to see how you make a WIG. Thank you for sharing and welcome to #ladiesofhive! I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Take care!

Thank ma'am


Wow that is a real skill and talent you have there!

You must also be very patient and have very good fingers to do what you ask of them!

I am so happy to see that you also saw a positive side to the negative Corona and recognised the opportunity to use the time to learn more. Me too. 😊

Welcome so much to the Ladies of Hive and I'm sue that you will love it here too! 😀

Very well
Thanks dear

I wish I knew how to braid hair. Stylists in the U.S. charge between $150 - $300 for this type of salon treatment. Thank you for sharing this information.

If you really want to know you can learn...
The cost of hair over there is quite cheap

Yes,the product is quite cheap. It's the labor intensive work you are paying for.

That's cool