Autumn days

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This is such a beautiful time of year!


Trump is coming to my town today for a rally. It will take place at the airport and supporters will need to park at the technical school 2 and 1/2 miles away and be bussed in. Supporters are enthusiastic about the visit, but health care workers are concerned the event could be a super spreader for the coronavirus at a time when our state is experiencing its worst number of pandemic cases. I will be staying safe at home!



High winds are predicted today so I am expecting to see a few more trees looking bare,


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The sheer stupidity of cramming a bunch of potential disease carriers into a tight space simply to say “yay orange moron” is astounding.

Stay safe at home for sure wise one.

It is a big deal for AirForce1 to land at our small regional airport, no matter what the cargo is! I'll be watching to see if I can see the plane fly over. That seems like a safe distance! 🤣

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Thank you! Even with the slow RPC servers, it's great to see the app beginning to behave somewhat normally!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 27 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix!

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You did capture some really beautiful fall images, Melinda.

Thanks, Pryde! We have not had a frost yet, and many of the trees are still green. Although I am hearing rumors of snow on Monday. 😕🌨️

Right past the frost state. It seems way to early for snow but then we are past the October. It has been such a weird year.

It is very pretty where you are, @melinda010100!
How I wish I could go outside and check if Autumn has made it here. Outside my home, the tree are evergreen and that doesn't tell me much, hahaha!
So I will be content with looking at your beautiful photos...

I hope we have a couple more weeks of pretty leaves! I'm not ready to start thinking about what comes next!

Wait.... ahhh.... that would be more holidays! Thanksgiving, then Christmas!

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I love the fall time too. Deciduous and annuals are still quite green, maybe yellowish-green in some spots but FALL is almost at my little corner of the continent on the West Coast.

With 💚s!

It is a beautiful time of year! I only wish it would last longer!

Hello dear friend @ melinda010100 good afternoon
What beautiful photographs that you show us

It is incredible that this happens, the politicians have no head to avoid contagion, here at the moment the same thing is happening, we are in the worst moment of the epidem and they have called people to meet for the day of loyalty, media Argentina is there.

Thank you very much for telling us about this situation

Have a wonderful night and a happy rest

We all know that the politicians only value people for their votes. I have a hard time believing that people are ignorant enough to put themselves in this situation.

You know what happens, politicians are very intelligent, they are tied to social benefits, people do not want to work, they do anything to not lose those benefits
have a wonderful night

Yikes! The fact that people will still be cramming in to see him in the midst of a pandemic baffles and amazes me. Stay safe, hope you get a good look at Aur Force One!

It didn't fly over my side of town! But I did see an eagle soaring overhead. That was even more exciting!

I enjoy these photos so much, they are so beautiful

Thanks, sweet friend! What a week it has been! I will be so glad when everything here works normally again!

It has been a very crazy week here, it has trembled several times ... And well the light and the Internet drive me crazy

It would all make me crazy, too! Hang in there. 😢

A colourful and beautiful time of the year.

Autumn Leaves reminds me of this beautiful song.

That is a beautiful song, isn't it? Thanks for that! ❤️

It is a beautiful song. My pleasure. 🙂

Good morning🙏,Wow so beautiful nature is at around you have, thanks for sharing it

The worst part about autumn is what follows it! The days are growing colder and winter will be coming.

Every season have own benefit and drawback, please be safe and enjoy it😀

I always, do! 😁

Safe and warm at home with beautiful view on your yard will undoubtedly be the best thing 😁

I'm surprisingly quite content with staying home and enjoying my quiet days!

Autumn is my most favorite season. The leaves colors are just amazing, great shots Melinda !

Thanks. It is a lovely time of year!

That time of the year again how beautiful is Autumn just so colorful my favorite season 😊

You are so right i love that time of the year and your photos really illustrate the beautiful season 😊

Thanks. It is a colorful season.