A letter to Me in 2019

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Thanks to @livinguktaiwan for creating this thoughtful challenge and tagging me. Here is my letter to me in 2019.


Dear Me in 2019,

I am writing to tell you to enjoy each and every day of 2019. You can not begin to imagine how the world will change in 2020.

January and February will be normal and quite wonderful.


You will have all the kids and grandkids here for long weekends on several occasions, celebrating birthdays and cooking fun meals together and watching sporting events that are so much more exciting when the passionate sports fans in the family are all together. Many of those sporting events will not take place in 2020, or if they do, there will be no one in the stands watching live.

When you begin hearing about this new virus, and before you can even begin to understand it, the whole world will start shutting down, in ways you can not even imagine. The family will decide that our goal is for each of us to make it out of 2020 alive and that we must help each other take responsibility for our own safety. Job and school situations will change and everyone will struggle to adjust.

Your day to day life will not change greatly, but you have no idea what living alone and no longer driving a car will feel like in 2020. Texting with the kids and grandkids will become a lifeline to the outside world, as will all of the online friends who you will treasure even more in 2020.

Thankfully the health impact of the incurable autoimmune disease that causes your body to not function properly will not change dramatically in 2020, and that's a good thing because our doctors will be focused on people who have caught the virus, and you will want to stay away from health care facilities.

You will realize how you have taken for granted the help you received from the people who casually stop by when you no longer have anyone you can ask to reach something on the top shelf or carry something bulky that won't fit into the basket of the mobility scooter out to the garage. No one will be stopping by and you will learn to accept many inconveniences.

You will be thankful that you have already learned how to use the online apps for grocery shopping and restaurant food delivery, but you will need to prepare yourself for the fact that many of your favorite restaurants will not survive in 2020 and you will never get to enjoy meals in those places again.

You will be thankful that you live surrounded by nature, that you love to read, and that you have Hive to keep you connected to the world. And you will end 2020 alive and looking forward to once again having a houseful of the people that you love and realizing that you will never again take that for granted.


Me in 2020

Write a letter to yourself in 2019 and use the tag #mein2019. I am going to tag a few people to help get this started.

@farm-mom @redheadpei @quotes-haven @bashadow @coloneljethro and anyone else who wants to join in!

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Beautifully Done!
Thank You for sharing, and I
Hope & Pray 2021 is a bit more
I wish You a Wonderful Mid-Week!

We do survive on hope don't we? Merry Holidays!

Over time, Over time!
Have A Very Happy Holiday!

Ah much better!!!
May 2021 usher in a new era of happiness!

Happiness for all of us! It will be well deserved! 🎄♥️🎄

I like that you are very positive 🥰🌺🤙 !ENGAGE

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Great letter to yourself from 2019, how times have changed. We miss our family, fortunately we managed a week away during the year that was most probably the best medicine being away in nature @melinda010100

Gardens have become our place of safe haven and escape!

@tipu curate

Thanks for the kind words and the curation vote! I think we all have learned to love our green spaces more than ever this past year!

I have always enjoyed my garden, really got to enjoy it once again when there was not so much traffic on the road. This used to be quiet, now people speeding up and down day and night.

Have yourself a wonderful day tomorrow!

I too am enjoying the outdoor quiet! An old friend just called to tell me that her 53-year old cousin just died of covid-19 complications she was one of the little kids that I remember from childhood. They medflighted her to a better equipped hospital in the city, but she didn't make it. I'm looking forward to the rest of my weekend. On your advice I asked my daughter to buy me a bunch of wine when she goes to the store tomorrow. I am not expecting a wine shortage here but any excuse will do! I never thought about needing to keep cash on hand for black market purchases. Your advice is eye opening!

Fortunately we don't know anyone affected by covid, have had a number of unrelated deaths through this year which made it sad, unable to attend services to support families.

I have always had a "thing" about is keeping some cash stashed "under the bed", came in very useful with all my questionable habits. When my younger sister told me she was smoking tea I hit the roof, insisted she run the gauntlet in her city and find proper cigarettes. Yes they will kill you eventually, but smoking tea? Now we starting to hear of cases where elderly did smoke tea and are suffering the side-effects months later.

I never had more than a couple of bottles red wine to enjoy with supper that lasted a week, now I have stocked up and try hold the extra just in case this ever happens again.... Once bitten twice shy!

We live and learn, most definitely send you daughter down to your local store, lay a few bottles in storage they seldom go off with sell by dates 😄

I tend to make a bottle of wine last a week or more, but would feel quite deprived if I didn't have a glass to go along with a nice meal. I assume imported wine will become more expensive here.

Smoking tea! She would have been better off smoking some of the various herbs- rosemary, sage, lavender. Never tried it myself and am glad I quit smoking 30 years ago!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 36 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🎄🎅🎄

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My dear friend @melinda010100, you did it me ya know, those tears that ran down my cheeks were the real deal.
You are one hellva a brave and wonderful lady.
Loved your letter. Gonna give it try, if I can stop crying long enough to see the key board.
That's one thing I guess I could complain about, I can't see for shit close up anymore. hehehe😂
We gotta believe that there are brighter days ahead.
Give me a shout out anytime, we're not going any where.
Happy Holidays !!🤶🎅

Thanks for your kind words! I am looking forward to your letter to yourself! ♥️

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Thank you! Your support is invaluable!

It's been quite a year for sure. I also took for granted the help casual visitors provided.

I used to have a running list in my head that started with the next time someone stops over I will ask them to'......' As my world began shrinking I had to give up many things and settle for what I could accomplish for myself.

No way to fathom in 2019 what 2020 would hold, not in the wildest of dreams !

Well written.

{{{ hugs }}}

Thanks for that. I don't consider myself to be a good writer, so I often avoid this sort of thing. I hope you write a letter, too.

Wow...what a beautiful and moving letter my dear friend.....!

Awww! Thanks, luv! I hope you are feeling better today.

A very nice letter and thoughts, I am not sure if I will get around to writing one myself, so much and many other things on my mind and then finding the brain power to sort them out. You never know though sometimes the brain catches fire and spurts of activity happen.

I understand! I wasn't sure I was going to write one either, but then this morning when I picked up my phone I just started writing. Even surprised myself!

One just never really knows what the day will bring.


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The things we have most common are the things we most take for granted. 2020 has proven this is the case. Going out and doing what I want when I want. Eating or playing where I want has all changed. So much taken away from us but as they say we will always find a way. Thanks for the heartfelt post.

We will find a way through this! And if nothing else I have learned to be a good hermit!

muy linda fotografia,es propicia la ocasion para reconocr la calidad y delicadeza de sus trabajos,estoy ausente computador disco duro malo,pero aprovecho para desearle una feliz navidad en union de la familia ,

Muchas Gracias, Feliz Navidad!

All I can think to say is...

I love that gif! It always makes me smile!

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Thanks @traciyork and @hivebuzz
Merry Christmas!

You're welcome @melinda010100 😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹
Merry Christmas to you too!
BTW, it would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal so we can keep up the good work!

our goal is for each of us to make it out of 2020 alive

It's so poignant when you put it like that Melinda, but sadly it's the reality. A lady said on the local news yesterday that her Christmas's are getting less and less, and if she spends this one on her own, that's one less she spends with her children and grandchildren. It's so heartbreaking to hear that, and so heartbreaking to hear how you have spent 2020 on your own.

Luckily you have so much nature around you and more importantly you have been sharing with us throughout the year.

Take care Melinda!

In so many ways 2020 feels like a year of wasted opportunities. I sincerely hope 2021 is a fantastic year for everyone.

A wonderful letter to yourself Melinda and you described this year perfectly. It is especially difficult for you living alone.

Nature, novels and Hive have definitely been helpful in getting one through the lockdowns.

Thanks for the mention.

Blessings dear Melinda and hopefully your home will be filled with happy smiling faces in 2021.💞

It was a pleasure to read your letter to yourself. It would have relieved a lot of stress if we could have known from the start how 2020 would end.

I’m happy you enjoyed my letter.Melinda @melinda010100. Yes there is an end in sight.

Best Wishes for a safe and happy 2021🎉

"Incest in Zoom, Skype, and Netflix stock." :-)

Maybe invest? 😂🤣😂

Ah the hazards of mobile phone keyboards!

🤣 Merry Christmas! Did you get snow?

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you as well. Mankato got 5" on top of ice, bit I'm in Rochester after a negative Covid test, where we got about one measly inch of snow. How are things in WI?

All the snow we had melted 2 days ago when the temps reached near 60°, now it's just cold and brown out.

I'm so glad you are with the family for Christmas!

A little birdie told me, "Blessings take forms that you wont recognize until after the fact." and conversely "Don't count your blessings before they are hatched."

Thanks for sharing this interesting line of thought @melinda010100

Gotta love those birdies! 🎄♥️🎄

Hi Melinda. Sorry to hear that you have a difficult year because of Covid-19. A lot of people do, actually. Luckily, a few more days and 2020 will be all over. Let's hope that 2021 will be a better year for all.

Thanks for tagging me in the 'A Letter To Me' challenge. I don't think it is my kind of thing. Besides, it makes me so angry thinking of the past months, I have nothing nice to say. There are still idiots out there who think the virus is a 'harmless virus', and it's all a scam by the government to control the people.

So, I will not participate in the challenge.

No worries! I just appreciate your writing and so I thought of you.

Hello friend, I run to congratulate you on the holidays
that you are very happy

Happy Holidays, dear @txatxy! Thanks for the lovely card!

Your letter is very nice and touching. Who could believe this year would be so different and difficult? I wish you next year to be better.
Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! 🎅🎄

hello dear friend @ melinda010100 merry christmas
I loved your writing, you have made a good representation of the affection that welcomes us, and as your self 2019 must be prepared.
Many times the bad things that happen serve to make us realize that we are going very fast through the world, without realizing that we are enjoying the most beautiful things we have, the company of the people we love.
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful day. enjoy it

nice letter, and intresting initiative. (and cool pics! tho I am not sure about the source, is it yours or not - I like them!). maybe I will jump on this too, but my letter would be a brief note, not sure if the size matters in this case :P

I'm sure that length of the letter doesn't matter!
Of course it is my photo. I would never use someone else's photo without giving Source Credit! I am so glad you like it. I had to do some searching to find one in my archives that was appropriate for the post.

A letter to myself ... I don't even know what I wrote to myself...
This year 2020 has become a real challenge for many. I am glad that we managed to pass it.
You start to appreciate the air when it's not enough :)
I still have to come up with a letter to myself in 2021 :Р
Happy New Year. I wish you great health !!!