I'll do it .... whenever. But I will do it

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The Ladies of Hive is a newish community that's been around for three weeks, young and powerful, just like I used to be and a growing force on Hive. I haven't been that active in the community due to other stuff going on in life, and the other day I saw a community contest which ends on Sunday 11th October.

Phew, I made in the nick of time, and you'll understand why in a minute.

Anyway, back to the contest : What are your best and worst character traits, and do you dare to post a TRUE SELFIE in your entry post (TRUE SELFIE means a selfie without makeup and filters applied).


First the easy part. I rarely rarely wear make up nowadays because I'm so lazy, so all my selfies are true selfies. I don't really like taking selfies as I look awful in them. I can never smile naturally and when I get my husband to take photos of me, I always end up blinking in 3 out of 4 images, and get told off by him!! That's why I don't look into the camera now as there's less chance of me blinking. I'm just not destined to be an Instagram hottie...


Ha ha! I could give you a long list of my worse, and maybe quite a few best but I'll just stick to one each otherwise we'll be here for ever, and Ill miss the contest deadline.

Let's do the worse first. PROCRASTINATION.
I'm becoming an expert at this as time goes by. Especially now during Covid, I have all the time in the world. Just waiting for every day to go pass, and then waiting for the next day to come and go.... been doing that for eight months now. What's the rush to do anything? I always find an excuse not to do things, for example writing this contest post. I've been sitting on it for three days. Day 1, I had to think about my best and worse traits. Day 2, I went out to get groceries. Day 3, I went to my sister's to pick up something. And if you ask why can't I write it after I've done my shopping or after I come back from my sisters? Remember I said I got all the time in the world? I tend not to do more than one thing each day so I have things to do every day. See what I mean? I'm a master in procrastination 🙃

The flip side to my worse trait is actually my best.

If I say I will do something, then I will do it, even if it means killing myself - metaphorically, not really. I can't remember ever letting anyone down by not doing something. In my previous life when I used to do something called "working in the corporate worlk" I would never start on a task until the very last minute. There is some pre work I can do to give me a head start and make life easier for me, but I never do that. That's called procrastination.

My line of work meant I was always at the end of the chain and I can't complete my task until others have completed theirs. Put simply, I used to price bids and tenders for major outsourcing contracts (if you're interested to know and if it means anything to you), so I can't price something until we know what services and how we're going to deliver to client. Instead of spending say 3 working days on pre work whilst waiting for other people to figure out the service and delivery, and 5 working days to work out the price for it, I always end up working 15 hours for 3 days and throughout the night for the last 2 days to complete my pricing. That's my best trait - I will always deliver. Period.

Put simply, I work best under pressure and deadlines. It's probably not the most ideal way and I could have easily killed myself from stress and fatigue. Luckily I'm still alive and kicking on Hive!

Nearly forgot, I need to invite someone to this community. I'm going to invite @travelgirl. She does a lot of family and mummy stuff, plays endless games on Hive and work full time at the same time. Power Hiver mummy!


Here is a replica of me, I do procrastinate alot. And just imagine I have been thinking of submitting my contest post for a whole week until today the deadline came.
Well I have disappointed people a couple of times because of that, but most times it is not out of willingness to be idle or procrastinate that keeps me from doing things, I work from my heart and when my heart says no then it means I won't work, I just sit down relax and have good times alone.

That's a very good approach to life @monica-ene. Taking care of yourself and listening to your heart is very important, as ultimately you live for yourself not for others


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I used to procrastinate a lot....it’s hard to sum up in a few words how I changed. I guess I started to believe that everything in life should be fun, and if it’s not there’s something else I should be doing and if I can't avoid it, it'll be fun to have it out of the way.

If I'm not in the mood for something, I'll ask myself what I'm in the mood for and there is such a long list, I can usually find something more meaningful than "pillow". So actually I still procrastinate but I procrastinate with other things that I’ve been procrastinating so that I’m constantly being productive.

I guess I’ve gotten very good at procrastinating my procrastination?

Did any of that make sense hahahahah.

Oh, and you are very instagramableble don’t worry

If I understood that correctly, you got a queue of things to procrastinate? Good move!!!

And thanks for your kind words!

Aww you are so beautiful no makeup no filter, don't be so hard on yourself, procrastinating is a skill. You have just learned time management to go to the very last minute hehehehe. I myself procrastinate, if I can do it tomorrow I will, and if my deadline is in 3 days well that is when it gets finished. I think about things a lot before I do something, I play all the scenarios out in my head or all the words I want to say before they are written. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us.

LOL I don't wear makeup too on my pictures so it shouldn't be too hard. Best and worst character traits --> hmmmm thats going to be a hard one. Let me think think and see how I can do this LOL

Let see what you come up with!


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I remember your big smile in Bangkok, I saw it often!

It was great meeting you in Bangkok @slobberchops, and it's nearly coming up to a year! A pity I couldn't make it last time.


Likewise,.. my pineapple cakes went long ago!!

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Finally... it is nice to see you!
You are beautiful, and no need for makeup!

Thank you for your kind works @silversave888 😘


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Cutting out makeup is so liberating! Time can be invested into more important endeavors. Happy weekend! 😄

not to mention it safes a tone of money as well 😁

So true! 🤣

Pauline great to learn more about you. It is a great quality that you will do what you say you will do!

Thanks Sara

Make up does not really help with the skin health actually. It may sound lazy for not putting make up often but it is good for your skin. I am not really good with selfie too.


I agree, despite what all the cosmetic companies say about R&D, there is no way slapping so much stuff on your face every day is good for you. Thanks for the tip

My makeup is minimal, often in the sloppy sometimes being strung out on Caffeine addiction. But I get away with it in my Gothic style anyway. And talk about Procrastinating...somethings more than others.

Thanks for sharing @livinguktaiwan

So true! Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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