A package from Arizona

A few weeks again @sjarvie5 pinged me and said she wanted to send me an Arizona package. Some of you may know I was sending out postcards from Taiwan last year, but packages are taking things to another level. Of course I said yes.

Last weekend my package from @sjarvie5 arrived, I was very excited to see what's inside. And boy, you guys are going to be so jealous!

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Those who know @sjarvie5 will know she's a brilliant photographer. If you don't know, head over to her blog to check her out. For a photographer, what better way to share and showcase your work so people can see it all year round than to make it into a calendar? It's such a lovely thought. I shall proudly hang this calender in my room, and make sure I take a piece of USA back to Taiwan with me if/when I go back next year.


Another very nice thought from Sara are some seeds. Apart from being a photographer, she also has green fingers. These seeds came from her own garden, and its a lovely way to connect friendship. I just hope I can do her and her seeds justice as I'm a novice gardener and the weather in UK is much harsher now compared to the warm weather in Arizona. I guess we shall find out in a few moths time.

Yummie snacks, the best cultural exchange item. I remember many many years ago, I tried Reese's in USA for the first time. They're quite sweet (they're American 😉) but they taste so delicious and peanuty, it's like eating a mouthful of peanut but not having to chew it. Yummy and evil at the same time. They weren't available in the UK back then so I always stocked up a little on my rare trips to USA. Now they're available in UK but I don't buy them often as they're just too many snacks here. Anyway, the Reese's have all disappeared now, that's why I don't have another photo of them. They got a bit squashed during their journey across the pond and I wanted to put them out of their misery (so she says).

Larabar I haven't seen in UK before, they look like a health bar. I'm going to save it for when I go out for my walks, need to get some exercise. The Chips Ahoy cookies will be gone very soon, I'm surprised by myself that they're still here.

Last and not the least, the Uno game is one that Sara says she plays a lot. I'm hoping I can drag hubby away from his mobile and Candy Crush with this.


Thanks Sara for a very thoughtful package from Arizona!!


What a nice package! It looks like she took care of you!

She sure did, it was very thoughtful of her


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Oh Reese's. I used to have this once a while when I lived in USA.
It has finally came to Singapore but I think it was only the last 10 years or so.

I think most companies nowadays are smart enough to export their product if there's a market for it or a local budding entrepreneur will approach them sooner or later.


Only if the market is big enough. We didn't have them for years.

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So sweet! A really small but meaningful package :)

It is, very ^_^


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A lot of love in the form of package which is precious than anything else.

As precious as the friendship on Hive !!!


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Thats a great friendship package. As you said snacks are an excellent cultural exchange. Its always fun and interesting to sample another cultures junk food. Sometimes you're like "how do they eat this crap and enjoy it?" And other times you're like "why the heck aren't we doing this back home?" Thats how I feel about Mustard and Pickle flavored crisps lol. We need those in Canada. Being Canadian I recognize all of that stuff and yes, anything North American you can pretty much guarentee that its going to be way sweeter than the stuff in Europe. Its often too much in my opinion. "This taste like crap." "Ok, then add more sugar. That will make it good, or at least more addicting."

mmm... mustard and pickle flavoured crisps is a new one on me, I thought we have all the unusual flavours in England.

Two things I found quite unique from the States are the massive portions and the sweetness. Are Canadian portions massive as well? I've only been once (well twice if you count the one day stop over from Hong Kong to New York via Vancover) to Toronto but that was many years ago and really can't remember much of what I ate back then. I did enjoy Niagura Falls ^_^


Yes the portions sizes are quite large in Canada compared to European standards. Probably a little smaller than American sizes but not by much. Actually, we found that Germany has larger portion sizes as well when we went there but that could be because I've gotten used to the French portions.

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Certainly a nice sweet delight with all the sweet things delivered.


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Oh my, what sweetness!
Thanks for sharing this @livinguktaiwan 💓

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Total sweetness it was in deed!

Yay. So fun. I need to do a post of your package. I just got back from Tennessee.

So we'll be seeing more travels from you!!! That's great!

International packages are always exciting. Enjoy all of those snacks! 😍

They're nearly all gone, sweet stuff don't last long here!