A letter to Me in 2019

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Hi there Me in 2019

You're reading this letter having just spent one of your best Christmas in Taiwan this weekend. Next week you'll be heading to the capital Taipei for the countdown and enter 2020 on a high.

Or so you thought.

2020 is going to turn out to be anything but by anyone on this entire universe could have ever imagined. No, World War Three didn't start. At least with a war you know who your enemy is and how to combat them. The world is going to be up against something invisible that you can't see with the naked eye, something that is probably going to be around you and could kill you. As I'm writing this letter to you, it has killed more than 1.7m people worldwide.

Make note of this name - Wuhan virus. That's what it's called until the snowflakes got so upset that it got renamed Corona Virus or Covid-19 or just Covid for short. Trust me, you'll remember this name for the rest of your life.

Covid is going to upset your life big time in 2020. Your planned trip back to UK in May for three weeks will be bought forward to February. And you'll be back in UK for much longer than three weeks. Pack as if you won't be returning to Taiwan for a long time. And when I say long, I mean you'll be gone for the entire 2020 and beyond. I wish I can tell you when you'll be returning to Taiwan, but I don't have an answer yet. Maybe in 12 months time, when I write to Me in 2020 I'll be able to tell you.

You won't be doing much in 2020. No holidays, no getting out and about, you can count the number of times you eat out with two hands. You'll hardly see much of your friends and families, and when you do, it's going to be at a social distance. That's another term you'll hear a lot of in 2020. That means no hugs, no peck on the cheeks, no physical contact if you don't live in the same household, and stay at least 2m apart in case you pass the virus to each other. Trips to supermarkets and the shops will become the highlight of your week.

You'll be spending most of your time indoors, save for a brief period during summer, when things looked like they were getting better. You'll get the opportunity to go out a bit, so make the most of it and enjoy yourself because things will start to go downhill again.

Yes, that's how bleak it gets. I'm not kidding, I would never lie to Me in 2019, so brace yourself for a bumby year.

Covid kills people, it kills society and it kills the economy, and more importantly, it can kill one's soul. Some say it's the fear of Covid that kills and not Covid itself. You can make up your own mind when you get here in 2020, and tell You in 2021 what you think. You know where to find You.

You will be pleased to know that Taiwan escaped pretty much unscathed during all this. Out of the 1.7m Covid deaths worldwide, only 7 were in Taiwan. That's still 7 too many in my opinion. They're probably one of few countries in the world who can still lead more or less a normal life in 2020. They closed the border in March when things blew up. Smart move if you ask me. I wasn't smart enough to stay because I thought I'd get kicked out when my visa expires. Turns out visitors could get a visa extension. If I'd turned left instead of right, you'd be ok and still life a normal life in Taiwan in 2020.

Alas, what's done it's done, at least I can give you heads up so you know what's coming. I'm sorry I had to put you through all this uncertainty in 2020, but then, coming back to UK isn't that bad after all. Just think of all the yummy food and snacks you've missed. You can pig out when you get back.

Brace yourself for 2020 and stay strong.

You in 2020

Here's my letter to Me in 2019. I'm going to tag a few people from different communities so you can send a letter to your Me in 2019. Tag some of your friends and use the #mein2019 tag.

@melinda010100 @riverflows @travelgirl @scubahead @sjarvie5 @ybanezkim26 @lizelle @soyunasantacruz @erikah @roleerob @brittandjosie @nickyhavey @tarazkp @zord189


Oh gosh! The COVID... the personal episodes... not a pleasurable one for sure!

No one is exempt this year, that's the sad thing. But on the other hand, we all understand the pain everyone is going, albeit to different extent

Indeed, not one is exempt!
Misfortunes and sadness...
But we make the best of it.
Lucky for some, they are able to remain positive and make the best of situations.
Have a beautiful day, @livinguktaiwan!

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There was no way you could have known it was going to happen, the million dollar question would be if you had read this letter you wrote to yourself would you believe what was going to happen?

Would you have changed anything in your 2020? If you were true to your intuition you would surely follow your heart.

Thank you for labeling me tomorrow, which is your night. I will have fun writing to myself, also reading the letter from the other taggers

It's an honor to be in that group, thank you very much. And I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas Pauline 🤗😉


At the beginning of the year when we knew something was happening, no one knew how bad it would become, and even now we still don't know if we have reached the peak year or is the worse yet to come. I think if I read this letter in 2019, the one thing I would have done is to pack more clothes for a longer trip!!!

I look forward to reading your letter Ana Marie, hopefully the advice you give Me in 2019 for 2020 will help her through this difficult year.

And a Merry Christmas to you as well!!!

I would have quit my job and got one with a guaranteed monthly salary! 😉

Let me know if there's still any around !!!

What a fabulous idea. I will get right on this afternoon. It is so surreal looking back. Things are looking pretty bad over there in the UK. At least you got a decent summer. We were looking at a few guys being so jealous full stop winter is hard in the UK at the best of times so I am sending you lots of love and light from Australia and hope you get back to Taiwan soon xx

Done - https://peakd.com/hive-124452/@riverflows/a-letter-to-me-in-2019 - what fun.

one of my fave moments for the year? Your fuck the sun video. YOu're hilarious,and I've loved getting to know you more this year.

Thanks @riverflows. Things really aren't as bad as the media makes out, especially in our neck of the woods, I'm sure your in laws will say the same. Can you send over some sunshine please?

oh, that video!!! I had so much fun making it 😆 must have been the lockdown and the heat making people go a bit bonkers!

Another fantastic idea! Where did you get all these ideas? Imma write my post now.

I come up with stupid ideas all the time, some are a bit better than others. Look forward to reading your letter to your Me in 2019

If it works, it's not stupid. In this case, this is brilliant! Reading your post, I felt like a rush of memories and emotions come back to me. I have so many things to tell to my Me in 2019. It's a good way to break my many days of not writing anything. I'll be pouring everything in this post. 😂

I'm sitting here wishing that you had a happier letter to write to yourself in 2019. I'm looking forward to reading these and am think about mine. Great idea!

I wish someone will have a happy letter to write to themselves in 2019, look forward to reading yours Melinda

It's not particularly cheery, but then it's been difficult to stay positive in 2020!
Here is mine.


Hola,cada momento adverso trae consigo un aprendizaje y asi me lo hizo saber la carta a mi misma https://peakd.com/hive-124452/@ciresophen/a-letter-to-me-envisioning-the-future-una-carta-para-mi-visionando-el-futuro
No importa que tan duro fue el camino, pero estoy segura que saca ma mejor versión de nosotros. Te envio un fuerte abrazo. Excelente esta idea me permitió reflexionar y sobre todo agradecer.

That's an interesting initiative and thanks for tagging me. It gave me the creeps reading yours, even though it's extraordinary. It gives me the creeps just thinking of mine. It's already written in my head and will put it on paper shortly.
Not a pleasant one for sure.

Wouldn't it be nice if our future can give us a glimpse of what's coming the next year, it might save us a little grief so we won't get whacked across the face like we've been this year. Look forward to reading yours.

Jeeeeezzz Pauline what a task but reading yours and I didn’t know that “only” 7 people in Taiwan died of Covid we need to do what they are doing. I will try my letter have to think about it a bit
Thanks for the tag

Close the border I say!! Especially UK should have done that at the beginning of the year.

Look forward to reading your letter to Me in 2019! Take care

Wow amazing

Lol, I promise in a few years we will mostly have forgotten about all this. The aliens are coming ....

Get the aliens to kill Covid!!!!!


Torn between two places, who would have thought things could go from one month into the next, then start the cycle all over again for so long.

Yup Wuhan won't be forgotten, in fact covid lingers now changing shape and form, in 2019 we were not aware the mumbling would turn into stark reality, changing life as we know it!

!BEER Cheers hopefully soon we find a semblance of some normality once again.

I wish I had a crystal ball and can tell when this is going to end, Seems like every week there is something new that crops up, one minute there's a vaccine and things seems to be on the up, and the next, there's mutation.

Take care Joan!!

Ha ha, a crystal ball seeing into the future would be handy in more ways than one! This whole covid thing, reset as they call it is a cock-up in my eyes, many are dying from TB, HIV now being too scared to go to hospitals or clinics to get their medication.

Old age homes, you have lived a full life to be locked up right at the end? Thanks but no thanks...

Have a great day tomorrow, sending hugs!

Two days later and I managed to finally write 😁 always in African Time!


Yes, 2020 is unlike any year most of us living have ever experienced my friend.
I wish I could say all is now "on the upswing" and 2021 will be much better. I would be lying to say that, as I don't see any indication that will be true @livinguktaiwan. To the contrary...

Currently driving across Virginia and writing this while waiting in a parking lot for a meal. Not likely I will be writing any posts any time soon, but I do appreciate the thought!

Until next time ... ❤🙂👋

Thanks for dropping by @roleerob, you have a great Christmas!!

The generation won't forget this Wuhan virus, whatever the name its called after in history . The Stress this one created , the Job loss it triggered are countless.

And it's going to take ages for all the economies to recovery, likely our next generation will still have to pick up the pieces

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I enjoyed reading this post very much, the words just flowed beautifully and the feeling resonated a lot especially in this late part of the year.

Thanks Arni, and apologies for the delayed response. Hope you had a great Christmas.

I just wished someone would tell me last year what a massive change this year would be. It would have saved a lot of grief and I wouldn't have to live a year, and still counting out of one suitcase!

Would you be interested in writing to your Me in 2019? Would love to read your letter.

Ours was a quiet one and the whole neighborhood in our area was the same too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas as well. I would love to do that, I'll draft mine as well and post it here soon :) Wishing you a peaceful and reflective year end and hopefully more adventures and surprises for 2021.

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hello dear friend @livinguktaiwan good day
I loved your post, what situation we have had to live in this 2020, I do not know the information about Taiwan, I am very sorry that you did not stay there longer, but as you say, the home where we were born is always where we want to be.
I take the opportunity to wish you a beautiful good night and a merry Christmas

Apologies for the delayed response @jlufer. Many things are just out of our control in this world, we just have to make the best out of the situation. It is what it is, as you have mentioned in your own letter.

I wish you all the best for the new year!

Good stuff!

Merry Christmas from a fullhouse here in our bnb, both sons and the girlfriend are also visiting so I feel very blessed!
Hope you can get back to Taiwan soon @livinguktaiwan.
Would we have believed the world would be brought to its knees by a virus in modern times? Not me for sure!
I'm dying to write this letter and will get to it before the year's over!
Our staff all went home to be with their families so it's up to hubby and me to do the cleaning; had 2 guest changeovers the last 2 days, totally exhausting with all the sanitation one has to do!
But thankful that one group of guests are here for 17 nights! Another guest canceled due to a death in her family.
A close friend contracted the virus but seems ok so far, just extreme fatigue, and we're hoping it stays that way.
2020 has certainly been full of ups and downs!
Thank you for including me here, will be really a good way of reflecting on the year that's almost over!
Wishing you and yours all the best:)

Apologies for the delayed response Liz, I'm so glad you have your family with you over Christmas, that's such a blessing that Christmas is not spoilt. It must be hard working preparing for your own festival celebrations and looking after guests at the same time. Though I imagine it's just one of the things you have to get on with nowadays, given the situation. Hopefully, you can put your feet up at the end of each day and have a nice drink to relax yoursefl.

This year's Christmas has been devastating for many in Europe, the UK government did a U turn a week before and many ended not being able to spend Christmas with their loved ones. I spent Christmas with my sister as she couldn't meet up with her daughters who are both in London - the outcome of the U turn restricting movement in London and surrounding areas. So in a way, it worked out quite nice for us, otherwise it would just be another day for us.

I look forward to reading your Me in 2019 letter.

Take care!

Hey dear @livinguktaiwan,
Sorry to jump in a bit off-topic.
I'm are very grateful that you currently support the HiveBuzz proposal, but it will expire in a few days.
Do you mind to cast your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so we can continue with our work?
Thank you. Wish you a happy Xmas 🎅🌹


This type of reflection is very beneficial (both for those who write and for those who read).

Good writing, @livinguktaiwan.

Thanks for the tag here.

Can tell this one was from the heart and if only we all had a time machine hey... I'll aim to get my one out for 31st December - this challenge (if you can call it that compared to the challenges of 2020) will be a reflective one as it's meant to be! Won't be focusing too much on Covid though, it's had enough time in the limelight this year! Instead will be focusing on the positives as much as possible...

Hope you have a good final few days at least and you get that 2021 letter in 😃

Covid sort of slips in unintentionally all the time, seems like it can't help itself. If only there are more positives to over ride it for most people that would lovely, and it would be great to see yours, I'm sure you have lots to sing about.

Take care Nicky!

Bit of a nosey prick that Covid isn't it?! I'll sing about what I can, there's always things to learn in dark hours about yourself and develop coping mechanisms although it has been a tough year to find that singing voice!

Take care too Pauline!

We're in another strict lockdown with all the beaches in our province closed, had 2 booking cancellations but the current guest saved the day by extending her stay; the children returned home as they're afraid inter-provincial travel will be stopped, so an uneasy calm has descended here in Lily's Cottage and I finally managed to complete my Letter to me in 2019, hope you enjoy it.

Hey @livinguktaiwan, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

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Sorry for taking me so long to write my letter but here it is finally 😀

Happy New Year my friend! Stay safe and let the New Year be better!

It has taken me a few weeks to respond to this post. I enjoyed reading your letter so very much. This morning as I was starting 2021 I wrote the letter. Here it is https://peakd.com/mein2019/@sjarvie5/a-letter-to-me-in-2019

I love this! It has launched a lot of really interesting, enlightening and heartbreaking letters. And I'm writing my own. This one was the first, correct? It's a great idea. I think it's healing, in a way, to look back on the last year and think of how you would like to have warned yourself of what was to come. It helps to put it all in perspective.

I laughed a lot at this. If myself of 2019 read the letter that I'm going to write now, she will say WTF hahaha. 2020 the strangest year for everyone 😅.