Ladies of Hive Community Contest #14

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TO THE 14th EDITION of the

This is a contest from our community to you, women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in Discord! A place we love and where Hive is alive. If you haven't joined our discord yet, an invite can be found by clicking on the first banner under this post!

We will be giving away 5 HIVE to the best entry.

For this week we want to know :

1️⃣ Tell us about your family tree and show us some pictures!


2️⃣ What is your dream house or favorite room? What things are in it? Photos, collages, and drawings are welcome!

To make sure that your entry is valid, and can not be missed for the contest, please make sure that you follow the RULES:

  • Blog must answer at least one of the questions
    (or more, if you wish!)
  • Blog must be submitted before
    🌟the beginning of the day of
    Sunday, JANUARY 24th, 2021
  • Blog must be published in Ladies of Hive community
  • Blog must be original in order to win
  • Blog must be 200+ words
    🌟(word count must be met before
    any translation of your blog!)
  • Blog must invite another woman to the community

Good luck, Ladies!

@brittandjosie for Team Ladies of Hive


Ohhhhhh i love this one, I want to wish all of you that participate good luck and
Creativity is the best way to go

Nice! These questions are interesting. I'll definitely love to participate. 🙂 Running off to prepare my entry!

Did you participate I did not see the blog, is that corrector did I miss it

With simple and beautiful details, you do great jobs with those pieces of the sea, snails, you make and make the room very beautiful with the elements you have on hand, it is extraordinary. I love my plants I enjoy them a lot.
@nourtawfiq Blessings

Thank you dear I voted for your blog

Hello @nourtawfiq thank you for your entry good luck

I love this one!!!

I already get to work on my entrance.

Thank you @isabelpena for your entry I voted onthe blog

I love the #toiletthursday blog in the ladies of hive contest thankyou

Oh! This will be great! What wonderful ideas for posts!

Hahahhaha I always try to do my best

I have a question i can do 2 post, one for question? the question is because the develoment the first question take me 3 pages! Thank you for your answer

Thank you for a wonderful post , I voted for it good luck

Que hermoso espacio se ve en tus fotografías, muy lindas en verdad, luchar por lo que deseamos lograr es de alto valor y de mucha unión para la familia. Muy lindo tu post, me encantó. @maeugenia

What a beautiful space you see in your photographs, very beautiful indeed, fighting for what we want to achieve is of high value and of great union for the family. Your post is very nice, I loved it. @maeugenia

@maeugenia thank you for your entry

Last week I could not participate in the contest # 13 because I had a small accident with a glass and cut my hand so I was resting thanks to God and I am much better and slowly resuming my activities including Hive 🤗 💖 I hope to participate this week beautiful girls of the beehive blessings

Tomorrow is the new contest

Poder ver más allá en tu espacio, sin límites, para poder ver hacia todos lados. Me encanta tu idea de tu habitación ideal, con detalles románticos, especiales y únicos. @isabelpena

Being able to see beyond in your space, without limits, to be able to see everywhere. I love your idea of ​​your ideal room, with romantic, special and unique details. @isabelpena

@isabelpena thank you for participating I voted for your blog

Thank you dear @brittandjosie

Una hermosa participación, lo bueno que conservas fotografías lindísimas, ahora a recopilar esos datos por escrito y armar tu hermoso árbol para tus hijos. Gente trabajadora llena de salud y amor por lo que hacen. Me encantó @marito74

A beautiful participation, the good thing that you keep beautiful photographs, now to collect that data in writing and build your beautiful tree for your children. Working people full of health and love for what they do. I loved it @marito74

Gracias sra @sacra97 ,así es,orgullosa me siento cuando hablo de ellos,uff si jaja debo construir el árbol,a ellos les gustará,un abrazo.

Tell us about your family tree and show us some pictures! what stories I have in the development of my genealogical tree, very good topic @ladiesofhive

Hola, aquí mi entrada, me encantó hacer este post de verdad 💗

Tienes unos materiales hermosos para cerrar con columnas muy lindas. Pero primero están otros gastos los hijos, que crezcan sanos y que estudien. Espero que puedas lograrlo poco a poco, tienes una buena base y todavía mucha juventud para lograrlo @corimarstorys

You have some beautiful materials to close with very nice columns. But first there are other expenses for the children, that they grow up healthy and that they study. I hope you can achieve it little by little, you have a good base and still a lot of youth to achieve it @corimarstorys

Si ☺️ seguramente podré terminar, todo llegará en su momento, gracias por leer❤️

Que rincón más lindo, hermosos trabajos manuales y tienes razón ellos crecen demasiado rapido @machiqui63. Un hermoso hogar, esas piedras como mandalas estan hermosas, todo ordenado y muy bonito.

Hola hermosas damas por aqui dejo mi entrada.

Feliz y saludable culminar de semana.

Encantada de participar una vez más, Fascinantes preguntas. Muy interesantes! Gracias por el espacio para conocernos...Les comparto mi entrada

Saludos a todas, increíbles damas de la colmena, aquí les dejo mi participación.

Greetings to all of you amazing ladies of hive, here's my share.

(ESP/ENG) Contest Ladies of Hive # 14 | Concurso damas de la colmena, semana 14

Oh my. Two favorite topics of mine. Family history and dreaming about retiring in some exotic place. I plan to participate in this one. I'd better get a move on then.

Hello. Here is my entry for the LoH Contest #14:

Good luck to all participants and have a good rest of your weekend.

Hello ladies, here is my entry. I hope it's not too late to participate.