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I'm late to the Opening party as usual.
Quite the broad open field kind of questions this time around.
I'm up to my eyeballs in Tax Return filings for my immediate family putting on time constraints because of the Stimulus cash they were bumped up a Tax bracket and came running to me on how they can reduce their taxes. Oh my gosh this is a Talent I do not want.
What I like to talk about? Saving in Silver bullion but I feel it at times inappropriate to showcase in a blatant manner to my Sisters of Lesser means, but with a piece or two, teach or share some basic finances through my/our experience. Finding alternate sources of Income, sharing saving strategies, maybe even find ways to teach our children about finances. I am teaching my kids how to file their first Tax Returns. If you only see the blank stares I got.


Drudge work preparing, going through all the changes each yea. Yes all family members here sit with a very blank look on their faces when it comes to tax.

Good luck and have a great day, well as good as you can make it 😉

I always prepare food ahead of family arrival. Then I always call out names for help in the kitchen or whatever. My hubby taught me that when my kids were young. When I complained about tooooo much laundry, He @thebigsweed taught them to do their own. Each had their own colored basket, if they didn't do their own, they wore dirty clothes.
So grateful.

Giving every member in the house chores to complete is a good idea, unfortunately in older age, someone thinks the "fairy" goes around reminding, cooking, cleaning which hacks me off no end.

Children have grown up and do their own 😉

It's funny how that works. That "fairy" buzzes around my place too sometimes.
But usually it only takes a look or a few words and I can recruit some help.😁

"Fairy" grumbles loudly... especially if weather is hot, gets stuck in, chores done, then quietly disappears 😄