Tangling up in new communities

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It feels that after a bumpy start after the fork the HIVE chain is starting to get some direction. One of the things you can notice it on is communities working together and getting actual plans.
People supporting each other with the sole idea to grow and improve each other. Empowering and sharing information. We get tangled up in these new communities and not in a bad way!


I know, I know, isn't this like the cutest ever? This is how my dog sleeps in general, and more than often I wonder how he doesn't trip over himself when he gets up in the morning

Ladies of HIVE

So I was invited to a new community and together with that a new Discord server. I am not so Discord active at the moment, because I tend to do more on my phone, as I am often away. And Discord should be all about chatting in the easy way, and chatting on a phone is just a waste of your thumbs

In general I am not too supersiked on women empowerment things, because I really do believe that quality comes before everything, regardless which sex, race, gender and you name it is labelled to there (not the most popular of opinions, I know). But what there is to notice is that the cryptospace isn't the flashiest for ladies, and tech ist still highly dominated by men. No that is not a bad thing, but it is less welcoming.

I do hope that this Ladies of Hive also will be about the general things in life, which are based in this case of crypto things and blogging, and I am totally down for that.

Also they have some measures for stimulating commenting, and I am ALL in for that, because social blockchain is not social without any comments in there right??

So loads of wins in there I must say! I was struggeling finding nice stuff for on my feed since I have joined a lot of Gaming communities as well for getting more info. But one of the things which is also there on the feed are stats from other peoples games, which are not so super interesting to me, and are more rather spammy to say for the least.

Hopefully this will also expand my horizon of following some fine people to see what they have in store there! Because reading still hasn't gotten old as yet, and scrolling along peoples feeds is still better than the regular facebooks or instagrams.

And dudes...don't see it as something hostile...This is something good!


I'm also not very into the "ladies" or "mens" stuff in 2020 (lol magazines for men! arrg) but in crypto I see waaaay more men, and with that comes some norms which probably aren't very balanced, though I think we do have an overall friendly environment for everyone. If "ladies" want to band together a bit until the space evens out a bit I get it. Support!

one love bro! that is cool of ya. Indeed, crypto is still a bit sausage fest so a little bit of promotion from the other hand of not a bad thing I guess. just a tiiiiiiny bit

Hello @karinxxl. It is a pleasure to meet you! I hope that you will find that the Ladies of Hive community a place that you want to be. If you do, please make it your home. I also noted that you have archon as one of your tags. and may already know that very comment that you make on any article in the Ladies of Hive community page will earn you Archon. Feel free to check the archons you have earned from the discord #payout-feed.
Have a wonderful evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

goodmorning and thanks for the warm welcome!

yeah I heard about commenting making paying happen and that is really cool actually for more interaction. loving the reasoning behind that. Oke so no need to use that tag as extra then?

I love how your doggy sleeps! This is really cute! 💖

And yeah, LADIES OF HIVE is not about showing bikini or lingerie pictures, I haven't heard anyone telling about doing their hair or nails, I also haven't heard much typical woman stuff. What I do know is that there are a bunch of powerful ladies in the community with many talents. All ready to empower, lift up and help each other grow. That to me is the appealing thing. It's for sure a very encouraging and supportive community to be in.

Anyway, happy to have you there too dude


thx for the invite bro!


I'm still not sure what to write for ladies of HIVE.. maybe I'm not good at being a lady and am missing something... heeellllpppppp

honestly I dont think you have to write anything specific female thingies...Just be yourself and write about what you always do but get the tag in there so the ladies know where to find you.

It is just about finding new people!

okay dokay! ffeeling all political about the term 'ladies' which I hate, but I suppose I can get past it for a bit of sisterhood, right?

no worries on that dude...i got you with that opinion...not all to we rule the world kind fo thinghy, but just more promotion for girls in crypto...to reduce the sausage fest for a bit ;)

Well I'm not a lady... But if I read @karinxxl her post correct wouldn't it be just writing about you yourself and the things that you like and they shouldn't be anything woman specific related?

Anyway @karinxxl good to hear that there are woman gathering didn't hear about it yet! think you're my guide on hive these days while reading your posts i keep up2date with all the news happening😅 👍

Appreciating you highlighting the Ladies of Hive - had neber heard of it. Also not much of a separatist, but DO appreciate that some content sometimes is best placed in specialist spots. Yes, the Hive is far too boysy - if I just had $10 for everytime I'm called "Bro" on twitter.... 🤣

ahhahaha..yeah which is also a good thing...

I dont mind when people reply with dude...it seems like a fair 'you are into the circle' kind of thing

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