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I just love a good food for thought coming from the Ladies of Hive camp. Every week they are putting some topics out there, stuff to think about, stuff to share about, and you are able to choose from 3 questions/topics. I remember my last entry was a couple of weeks back and I managed to include all three questions in one answer hahaha. That is not going to work this time, so the question of the week chosen is:

If you started all over again, what kind of career would you like or want?


To answer this question, it means we also have to look at my current job and what comes with that. Because knowing what we know now, defines our choices for another time. You can not take away that lifes experience.

Now first and for all. I really like my job. I am a surgical nurse, scrubnurse, whatever you want to call it. This means I guide patients to the operating room before they go to sleep, I take care of the instruments and equipment before, during and after surgery and I deal with the moods of surgeons (just kidding, or am I not)

I like what I do and I am good at it. When the stress gets high I am on my A-game. That is usually in the middle of the night when the going gets tough, for some reason.

There are always pros and cons to any job, and these are often the same aspects which can be awesome or sucks. For instance, I like working in a team. But it also means you always have to work in a team. Also I like not having a 9-5 job. But sometimes when the whole world is on holiday and I am working the grind, it does make you wonder.

So what then?


As a kid I always said that I wanted to be a chef for some reason. Also I used to live together with a chef and that also gave some insight on how this kind of job steals your private life as well, because you always work when others are off. Apart from that, I dont consider myself a good cook, neither I enjoy it that much honestly ;)

And again..what then?


The idea of an office job, in whatever job is the most scariest thing I could think about. Being behind a computer all day, needing to look flashy. You can not kill me more mentally than that. Offices is a big big no go.

I do think that teaching and explaning in some kind of form is something for me. I did use to teach the urgical students a lot and I also really liked that.

I guess a job needs to have a bit of everything in there. If you spend doing something 40 hours a week, nothing is fun in the end if it isn't diversified. I guess having options for you schedule as well as the ability to work in a team and alone would for me be the most important things.

There is always a better job lurking for you, you just can't always find it. The question is more if you should start to look, or if you will end miserable chasing the non existent or not


A surgical nurse with a heart of chef, and an office worker, or a teacher...
Good luck with the contest.

all three combined would be the fullest honestly!

Hahaha... that would be so ideal... and that would be the fullest indeed @karinxxl 🥰🌺🤙

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I enjoy the Healthcare field as there are so many different other ares to choose. I am in Chronic Care, gerontology. Formerly, Respiratory. Sometimes an opportunity opens that may be worth the change.
Funny as my Father was a chef! My Mom wanted me to be an engineer. I choose nursing and I don't regret the choice.

Thanks for sharing again @karinxx 🌹

hahahah funny how it goes in the end right?

Have a whole family with engineers here as well in the house so I get ya :D

I dont regret doing this at all, I do wonder if I will be able to do this until I am 67 (dutch retirement age)

Forst of all dear thank you for being on the medical staff during these trying Covid times I know all our Dutch hospitals are under very high strain, so thank you. And I like the story and wonder could you be a nurse in the day and chef at night?

Good luck in week 8

hahahah I think I would rather be a nurse in the night and making breakfast afterwards :D

I am just better at night hahah

You are absolutely right! Our jobs- our careers have to have some degree of diversity in them otherwise... and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the office job @karinxxl!

It's not about sitting behind a computer all day so much, more about the conservative, corporate, cold environment that you are in.

I tried it twice after 3 decades in hospitality and they were the least friendliest places and the least conducive to good work performance- how can you be good at you job when you are so unhappy in those environments....

Can I ask how you feel knowing that you literally have people's lives in your hands as much as the surgeons do? That doesn't give you anxiety at all?

Going on from this question- Would you ever consider becoming the surgeon instead?

As for the job that you do- you are such a valuable person, not just for your skills, but for your compassion and empathy too, so I salute you and all that you do to help people.

Ever thought about getting into animal care???

ahhhh what a lovely reply to this!

Well for me it is almost a normal thing working in surgery. It is an 'office job' so dealing with life and death is sort of a normal thing already, how weird it may sound.

I would never consider becoming a surgeon because of how that impacts your personal life. Now I can choose my hours mostly and being the actual chief is just no joke. Work never stops then and that is really difficult I find from what I see with the people I work with. Yes it is honourable, but honestly..being a nurse is just as (or maybe even more) honourable.

animal care! yessss that is something. A friend of mine used to work in animal surgery and I went with her one day to say how a normal day looked like and that was actually really interesting.

As I have and had before had rescue dogs I would feel more on working in an animal shelter, giving these guys a chance. That might be something that I would do part time I guess, because bills have to be paid somewhere you know (how sucky this may sound), but indeed....fostering dogs...heck yeah~!

After playing the role of nurse and chief bottle washer 24/7 for my mum for 9months as she battled cancer, I wholeheartedly believe that nursing is far more honourable and meaningful than the surgeon...they just seem to breeze in, do a bit here and there and get paid a truckload for it, while nursing staff are there dealing with everything the patient is going through...

Animals care yesss, me too.
One day I wholeheartedly intend to study to become a vet so when I'm retired I can travel around to all of the shelters around the world and be a vet while filming my documentaries at the same time- so I get to help the animals in the most practical and physical way and then educate the masses at the same time too.

I have been lucky enough to film in vet clinics in 2 sanctuaries in Thailand- Soi Dogs and Wildlife Friends Foundation and as much as I loved cleaning out the enclosures (Elephants do huge and feeding all of the animals, I want to be able to do more- especially in an emergency situation, but I also need to educate people too, so I will combine the 2 of them.

a vet who travels around the world...see that would be even more appealing.

good idea to do more in the medicine corner for emergency situations. I think a lot can be done in the first hour of any incident, but especially by animals it isnt always all recognized. Sounds like such a good idea!

(elephants do huge poos...hilarious)

Yeah, make my docos about animals and save animals and educate the masses about the need to stop being cruel and instead save, protect and preserve the animals is the ONLY thing I want to do in my life- that it what I was born for and I'm so lucky that I have finally found my calling and still have (hopefully)) another half a century to do it in.

Yes and Elephant poos are very 'fruity'🤣

this sounds really inspirational...

planted seed in head

Well I do really hope to meet up with you on a mutual animal adventure together one day soon!!!😃😃😃

Now we're out of lockdown here Australia is the place to be, so come on over and you will always have somewhere to call home here with me!!!

how sweet is that!!

Australia seems like decades away at the moment if I must admit, but never know that is..I just moved back to holland this year hahahah, still settling in, but ej...who knows what a vacay can do after this endless lockdown

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