I did it! I grew edible stuff

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For yall who have been following my posts for a bit longer and are thinking now because of this title 'huh....but she has grown stuff in the garden before right'?

You are absolutely right but these were mostly herbs and add ons for in the food. This time it is finally time to harvest this red rascal. My first tomato ever!!

Screenshot_20200913105753_Photo Editor.jpg

Just look him being all shiny and having even been cracked because he wanted to grow more!

So this tomato journey started with getting the 4 of the most tiny plants from one of my colleague who was growing a lot at the time in her own greenhouse. A greenhouse is beautiful ofcourse because that actually gives you the chance to regulate all the outside factors for growing in there.

But these plants were a little brisky already at the time and a bikride home through the frost is also not the best of protection for these little rascals, so I was really wondering how this would play out.

Tomatatoes need shelter from the rain, but a ridiculous amount of water with that, just not on the plant itself. Kind of challenging where to put them then right? Also the need a lot of sun, but preferably keeping them out of the wind as well.

Screenshot_20200913105947_Photo Editor.jpg

I gave them a spot on the porch where they were standing under a glass roof but still with sun the whole day. Only when it was pouring rain there might have been some excessive watering in there, but in general they only got their daily pour in the soil. My dedication and determination was good I must say

I was surprised how fast they went from their brisky state to a decent plant which was actually growing fast. Faster than I had expected for sure I must say. I needed some support woods in there to support the plants from tipping over which I found in the woods of a decent size.

I had replaced these woods twice for bigger ones, it is crazy how fast tomato plants actually grow.

Screenshot_20200913105828_Photo Editor.jpg

As you can see I really can not complain on how many there are growing in there. Also all of a sudden like two weeks ago they started turning color from green more to orange. I I wonder what triggered the color turning. If that is an amount of days, or when the weather turns to a new season. I didn't do anything on that at least ;)

So one thing that google has told me is that you have to thief the leaves which are not necessary. The plant produces a lot of small in between leaves which don't actually grow but just 'are there'. It is better to pluck these so the plants can give its energy to making the actual tomato in stead of investing it in these leaves. I looked like a llittle plant lady doing this every week. I guess this is a new phase in life for me ;)

Screenshot_20200913105810_Photo Editor.jpg

Honestly I can't wait to try out this tomato in a nice caprese salad with mozzarella cheese or even preferable burrata mozzarella, with also some basil form the garden tossed over it. But the tomato is still waiting for a couple of days on this little plate, because they say it turns sweeter when you leave it for a couple days extra off of the plant. So that is what I am doing.

Tomatoes for the win! I grew stuff!


I am more a fruit shrub gardener, and I tried my hand at the odd tomato and ended up just getting a bunch of 'Cherry' sized tomatoes. I grow most often Strawberries and blueberries with typical victory garden veggies.
Tomatoes require more time and attention. Next year I'll be better at them.
Thanks for sharing and welcome to 'Ladies of Hive' @karinxxl

They do require some love and attention indeed, that I must admit!

I had some strawberries as well this year, that was easy to grow and also super rewarding indeed. They gre like crzy!

I know the feeling ! I ate my first home grown tomatoes the other week and my first home grown courgette (I think every one else apart from UK calls them zucchini 😀) tonight.

heeheh we call them courgette as well in Holland :D

was it good? Those plants give like crazy right?

I see this after I did my post which is alllll about this subject and then some, love growing tomatoes, did beefsteak, cherry and some other basic kind but the cherry ones were the biggest harvest for sure! cool pics, love it

Harvesting is just the coolest I must say

Beefsteak with cherry? yummmmmm

Oh I would almost pick that delicious right off of my screen. You did a great job and your little rascals too of course. Get ready for a new gardening addiction. But be Careful for your fur baby... He might like it too

hhahahaha well he didnt pick them as yet, which surprised me to the most honestly!

Oh lucky you! I have several photos of Skipper picking my tomatoes. And yesterday I had two dogs with their heads in my plants picking my sweet little red rascals. Skipper even got a zucchini ... which he was eating and not willing to let go of that. He was so proud at himself.

Look at you go, lady of hive!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, fresh tomato and mozarella and basil?? Fkn HEAVEN.... yum. I am very, very, very, very impressed! PS Did you know #naturalmedicine supports home grown gardening permaculture kinda stuff? We really dig it, excuse the pun. It's soil medicine.

oeee didnt know! Thats a good one..!

And yeah damn...all growy man...maybe I am growing up! hahahahah

Great Karin you did it good now whole year round your own food. 😃

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I sure hope so! Dont know how they will go in wintertime hehe

Gorgeous tomatoes! I grew my first food this year too! Lettuce, peas and potatoes! Before I had only grown flowers. It was so satisfying to grab food right from the yard.

look at you being all growy! thats a good stash you have go going there.. Pics!!

you should see my potatos !

homegrown potatoes? That sounds even better dude!

I got heaps B)

They are easy to grow. Can recommend.

Yeah but you can't use the soil for 4 years after you used it once with potatoes and in the Netherlands it is illegal to grow them in the ground. I'm going to grow them with aquaponics. Once every 100days after planting you get potatoes. 😃 i had my potatoharvest in soil a few weeks ago.

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We have been growing potatoes in that exact spot for more than 50 years (some crop rotation ofc)

Aahh well I will do it in an aquaponics system you don't need crop rotation this way and it's whole year round.

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need a lot of space for them @felixxx ?

Or just a small m2 and reuse it over and over?

Ideally, you should rotate crops; I get away with growing potatoes only every second year in the same spot.

There are endless ways to grow them. I would go with whatever fits your context - some people grow them in buckets. 10 minutes on youtube should give you a bunch of ideas.

I recommend them, because they take 0 effort. You don't even have to water them. Btw, you don't necessarily need special seed potatoes - Organic potatoes from ALDI or LIDL will do.

this sounds really cool actually. let me see if I can make some space for getting this together.

And even cooler that you can get them next door. perfect..cool dude!

Nothing more rewarding than reaping the rewards of home grown produce! !tip

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awww thanks for the tip girlie!! yeah indeed, it seems like such a reward, I really want to make a big projet out of homegrowing next spring..it feels good!

Your tomato plants look amazing! I grow mine in pots.
Thank for sharing, @karinxxl🥰🌺🤙

pots will also do the trick I guess. Mind is in a pot for now as well, maybe soon they will go in the ground for winter time

They look amazing and yummie for sure!
I grw tomatoes aften on my small balcony :D
Enjoy them when they are ready! :D

ej snekkers good to see you here! <3

yeah it is cool growing tomaties and doesnt require that much space so a palcony is perfect for it..good stuff!

Tomatoes for the win, its so nice and the food you will be nmakjng with it, will be so good , and tomatoes rock!

tomatoes rock for sure! And it feels better making food that you grew yourself! Im looking forward to eating them :))

Congrats 😀

thanks so much! homegrown stuff is the best!

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It's so much more fun to each when you grow it yourself.

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