The first "summer" day with my "anti-fashion project", sourdough, and the most beautiful garden in my neighborhood

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Hello, dear Hive Ladies,

Most of my days are quiet, but not boring at all. I spent most of my day at home yesterday, although I went out into Downtown for a few hours (I note, completely unnecessarily, in the greatest heat). I finally don’t have to put on multiple layers of clothes and closed shoes, but a skirt, t-shirt and slippers are enough. I’m forced to wear the slippers or sandals with socks because otherwise my feet will be full of painful wounds. I call it "my anti-fashion project" 😁! For the sake of the weaker nerves, I am not showing a picture of my feet now!

Here in Hungary, a person who dares to put on socks for slippers or sandals is mocked and ridiculed. I’m laughing out these people and I’m also deliberately pulling on cluttered socks saying, “Come on, just laugh, next time I’ll wear even more ridiculous clothes! Anyway, you’re the stupid, not me, you walk and suffer in tight bras and nylon stockings with mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes. These horrors are inventions of sexist fashion dictator male, degrading women into sex toys.


Luckily no one can force any dress code on me anymore and I also consider the obligatory wearing of masks outside to be huge bullshit. Many times I’ve been on the street in front of cops without a mask and they didn’t even care about me.

I'm tired of this city life anyway! I'd rather get out of here, to a place close to nature. I’m also fed up with the fact that almost everyone here judges me by my looks and considers me an enemy because of my provocative, irregular behavior. For me, there is only one law, the law of God, where God is much more female than male. Goddess, Mother Goddess... Most of the laws here (and around the world) are based on anti-human and anti-god, purely materialist principles. Even the great world religions are materialistic!

Still, a lot of joy and beauty can be found here once I set aside my rage of human stupidity.
It feels good to look up at the beautiful blue sky with fairy veil-like clouds.



It is a pleasure to see that all the trees are already green and the birds singing echo between the houses. A few days ago, something miraculous began to unfold in front of the staircase next door. I noticed a beautiful angel statue in the middle of the garden. Then a few days later it became a real garden art with pebbles, bark mulch and flowers of different colors. I learned it was prepared for a city tender. I am sure I will vote for this garden.





In the meantime, I lovingly mix my sourdough. For the first time in my life, I make such living material. I only need a little good quality flour and water, but I even put in a spoonful of yogurt. I raise them in two jars. By the end of the week, I’m likely to be able to bake sourdough bread.



If I feel like I will continue this post soon. I hope I was pretty rule-breaking and provocative.

I'm not a person! I'm human!

With lots of love from Kalemandra



I like that you are spontaneous.
What beautiful photos!
Yum... I'm smelling yeast!

Have a great day @kalemanda!

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A sunny day and I can’t wait to see your final sourdough please post it when you have done it