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Ladies of Hive Community Contest #1

Who doesn't love receiving money? It can come into your possession different ways. But it's especially nice when it's given to you freely to do whatever you wish with it.

Even better, what if you were given a specific sum of money in the amount of $100 immediately and asked what would be the first thing you would do with that amount?


On a more personal level, what would @justclickindiva do? The answer to that is a no brainer for anyone who knows me well.

No matter what happens in my life, I'm a planner. A divide and conquer mentality is always at work in my sphere. How can I stretch this or that as far as I can to accomplish a task where everyone I know who is in need benefits.

Image created by me utilizing Microsoft Excel

Simple enough. Four important areas in this equation are:

  • children;
  • family and friends;
  • homeless;
  • empowering women through microfinance; and
  • savings for emergencies.

In each of these areas, I have already been assisting others through personal contact or solicitation of funds from organizations.

30% [Children]

Through the following organizations, I have always tried to help as many children as possible.

Compassion International
About 30 years ago, I learned about this organization and began sponsoring children for several years. This organization is a child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the U.S. It's primary purpose is to hopefully effect the development of children living in poverty globally.

My understanding is that, as of 2019, the organization coordinated donations from at least ten participating countries. Compassion International reports that the donations assisted their goal of operating childhood programs in 25 impoverished countries (including Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya, and Haiti).1 This fact is awesome in that they were able to enroll more than two million participants, from infants through young adults, in its programs.1 I'm happy to know that I had a small part in several children being able to be placed in one of their programs.

Feed The Children
Feed The Children is an organization established in 1979 and has its headquarters in the state of Oklahoma, in the U.S. It's a non-profit organization that focuses on extinguishing childhood hunger.2 Their stated mission is to provide hope and resources for those without life's essentials.

Feed The Children provides food, essentials, education supplies and disaster relief to those families in need with children across the United States and in 10 countries around the world. In the U.S., it operates five distribution centers.2 I have been a member of this group for 15 years helping to provide support to children.

St. Jude's Children Research Center
This organization enjoyed world-wide fame as assisting families of children stricken with cancer. No family has to worry about their ability to pay because they never incur any expenses. This was the promise of the late Actor Danny Thomas. His daughter, Marlo Thomas, today continues his legacy.

25% [Family and Friends]

Twenty-five percent of my $100 total would be placed in my savings account so that when family and friends request assistance, I can just forward it to them. I receive requests regularly. Having additional resources on hand is a necessity.

20% [The Homeless]

According to Webster's Dictionary, homelessness is defined as:

the state or condition of having no home and includes individuals who sleep in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.3

In the U.S. there are currently over 567,000 homeless individuals.3. I've personally seen the effects of homelessness on families. Were it not for shelters, many homeless individuals and families would have to live out of their cars, may sleep in rest areas, utilize tents, or just camp under freeways or in other public places.

Many states in the U.S. have enacted state and local laws to deal with the homeless population. Who is the blame for homelessness? Many social and economical problems have a hand in this critical issue. And, it's not one agency's problem to deal with it. The issues surrounding homelessness has to be dealt with first in addressing the question of why is there homeless people to begin with. Some blame personal responsibility; others, mental illness; still others, societal structures surrounding economic equality. No matter who's to blame, the issue seems to be unsolvable.

Each state has different laws, social services, medical policies, and other conditions which influence the number of homeless persons and what services are available to the in each state.

Half of the homeless population of the U.S. reside in one of five states (in 2020), with Texas having the fourth largest population at 25,000.3 I've seen many homeless individuals and families in the Texas area where I live to know this is a sad situation for our country as a whole.

15% [Microfinance Organizations (Loans to Women)]


Of all the organizations that provide micro loans to individuals in developing and impoverished countries, I have found Kiva fits my criteria of advancing the goals and desires of women. I joined Kiva two years ago. My team name is: Texas Cares, lead by @mamasez. As a member of our team, we loan to deserving women attempting to obtain loans for food, farming, and small business.

The reason I like Kiva is that the minimum amount you can loan is $25. This is reasonable and not a burden for me. Sometimes our group agrees on the person or persons to commit to loans to. Other times, I may find ladies whose stories and aspirations really touch me. I'm able to reach numerous ladies in different countries, regions, and locals.

To date, I'm happy to report that I have received 3 repayments in full. That's an amazing feats for these women as they struggle to make ends meet for their families. To know they are able to repay their debts I know is a proud feeling of accomplishment.

10% [Savings]

This is always a safety net in case someone unexpected requests funds from me that I feel will assist them in their immediate needs. If I know of hear of them being wasteful, then turning to me as a reliable "go to" just because, a surprise is in store. Life has taught me many lessons in which I do "eventually learn."

My thoughts on this subject are in response to a contest from the Ladies of Hive community to its members. Women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in discord. A place we love and where Hive is alive.

For this week Ladies of Hive want to know :

  • What was the last thing you used in the house?
  • Where did you meet your significant other? or
  • If you would get 100 dollars now, what would be the first thing you would do with that amount?

Blog must be submitted before Sunday, October 4, 2020
Blog must be published in Ladies of Hive
Blog must be original in order to win
Blog must be 200 words+
blog must invite another woman to the community

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Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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1 Compassion International. en.wikipedia.org
2 Feed The Children. en.wilipedia.org
3 Homelessness in the United States. en.wikipedia.org

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Very Technical approach and a concise financial giving plan too.
I bet you have been already supporting these organizations for some time.

You've done your homework @justclickindiva

Yes, I have and I mention that in my content. Did my pie chart give me away, lol? If you notice, I mention that I've received full repayments from some of the ladies in the Microfinance Program from Kiva.

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight some of the things I'm doing now in case anyone needed information on them. Someone already responded to my post stating they would look into the microfinance organization, Kiva. With that said, I think I did my article justice if it benefitted even one person.

That's me..a true ARIES.

I read the whole thing.
I plan my regular giving as well to specific organizations and I am already somewhat familiar with the idea of Microfinancing individuals overseas but have yet looked deeper into it like so many others I come across.
Lately, many different people have been coming to my door to sign me up on various programs and I don't like making rash, uniformed and unreserched decisions at my front door. They are slick in the way they sell it and almost make you feel selfish or uncaring if you don't sign up immediately 'like your neighbors did.'
I'd prefer looking into those recommended from friends though.

You're like me on that issue. I get so many requests for funds it's unreal. I hate shaming in all walks of life. And you really don't have to go far. Family member do it also with the line that you have more than us and are in a position to give, so why not do it. It maddens me though when I see them squander their own funds on unnecessary items.

The only time I made a difficult decision to commit to funds was to send my niece to college along with my own children. That was a massive undertaking, but we got her through it with her graduating with no college debt. She was extremely grateful.

Instead of $100, I wish I'd win the Lottery so I could give it all away. Can you imagine how many people I could help?

Thank you for engaging with me on this issue. I appreciate it.

One other pet peeve of Charitable organization I have are those big National ones and when you examine their Financial statements you find they pay their managers 6 figure salaries, own business buildings, and even modern art. I prefer smaller more grass roots organizations that put their funds into the front lines than collect art.

Me too. I stay away from United Way. Their chairman was guilty of misuse of charitable funds. When I worked in a corporate job, we were pressured to give to UW through payroll deductions. If we didn't, our name went on a list for everyone to see. It infuriated me. At first I didn't know, so I donated through payroll. Then the next year I asked if I could direct my donation to a specific agency targeting battered women. They said no. So I quickly stopped my deduction and researched a local county women's organization to contribute to. I have also toured their facilities.

Wow another brilliant answer for this contest.

I love how you've divvied it up to meet the parts needed the most.

And I've heard of all of the other charities, but I have never heard of Kiva before so I'm looking it up right now, so thank you for sharing this great information.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. 😊

Love the pie chart! 😄

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I knew that you would come up with a great divide of the money but it’s only 100 euro I want it to be a million so you can do your good work
Thank you for entering