Vision Quest HivePUD 1st October 2020

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Commit To Something And Make It Stick


So much is on offer once we hit the world wide web, playing it safe is becoming a big factor, I believe blockchain is revealing how this may be achieved, a technology I do believe has a stable future, in Hive I trust not being under corporate structure a place where everyone has a say.

After many years I have learned find a place where you enjoy good company, commit to producing quality content, find communities and socialize, with proper communication where people talk to people, for me this still outweighs likes being given on the fly.

I have powered up again today, normally I forget or get in too late! Why my commitment to powering up, I see it is a sign of trust in how we are all performing together, stamp of approval in how the developers are creating a safer future for those working online. Good luck with Hard Fork on 6th October - callout to all Witnesses who keep the blockchain running efficiently.



No one person owns Hive, many working together even though there are some with more than others, it is proving decentralized social media works, relying on a body of people with a vision working together.


Never Flush Your Hard Work Down A Toilet - Put It To Work!


This is my entry for the global initiative initiated by @streetstyle and managed by @traciyork, then adopted by @victoriabsb, @r1s2g3 and @minnowsupport. With the tags #hivepud and #hpud


All photography is my own, any queries or requests please drop a comment below, have a wonderful day!

Thought for Today: "Vision quest should be continuous." - African Proverb

Communities On Hive I Enjoy: #powerhousecreatives hive-114105, #qurator hive-102880, #featheredfriends @melinda010100 in hive-106444, #wednesdaywalk @tattoodjay in hive-155530, #amazingnature @adalger in hive-127788, #alwaysaflower @dswigle in hive-154065, #feelgood community @barbara-orenya in hive-190931, #fungifriday @qwerrie in hive-166168 - New Arrival into #ladiesofhive in #hive-124452




Congratulations @joanstewart! You received a personal badge!

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Hive Power Up Day - Introducing the Power Up Helper!

such a lovely image of cacti ? toilet -- I see it 1st time.

congrats with a nice power-up! I powered up myself 190+ SP

Exterior design taken to the limit by my brother 🤣 Definitely a reminder to be cautious before making yourself too comfortable.

Reminds me of crypto, always warning people to do research, could end up a prickly surprise if you don't....

Have an awesome day, so glad you too managed a power up today @qwerrie

yes! a very multi-layered-meaning image, many underwater meanings of this iceberg can be found :=)

Here we are in ladies of hive discussing iceberg catastrophes and pricked bums for examples, the nature of things ha ha....

This is the first #HivePUD post I've read since waking up a short time ago, and what an awesome note to start the day on! Thanks so much for your commitment and support of our blockchain home Joan, both here and on Twitter. And please tell your brother that I think his exterior design skills are amazing - I love that planter! 😂 🤩

Hive is a fun place to communicate, that one odd photograph just had to be used, befitting detail... Join Hive then do the #HivePUD thing or else LOL.

Yup he has a sense of humor this is the front entrance to the property I won't give away any more of his secrets! I promise 😄

Have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the reigns on the monthly #HPUD Traci.


Hey @traciyork, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Well done!
I always power up as soon as I can... so I never got one of those shiny @hivebuzz badges. 😅

I am trying to get back into the habit, I used to previously then forgot. Now reminders arrive on Twitter from @traciyork if I miss them here I see them there 😅

I saved a few Hive so I got the badge this time! Yeah! 😊

Well done

Thanks so much @monica-ene

Haa love the loo there @joanstewart, what a great idea....oooh though I just thought of the fact that people would still use it as a loo....well over here they would anyway.

So I guess if that happens, I would put a miniature citrus tree in it....

Never waste anything, it made a good planter having self draining just a crazy idea.


A great reminder for hivepud Joan. I keep forgetting.

The toilet planter is hilarious.😄

My brother up to tricks using everything never wasting, it does catch your eye being right at the entrance to their home...