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Hello friends. for this 4th #Ladiesofhive community contest I choose to answer question 1.


  1. With covid so much in the forefront of everyday life, we have been at times, or still are cut off from family and friends. Of these people, who have you come to realize is the most important person in your life, and why you have come to that conclusion?

It has always been known that the mother is the person one thinks of and misses, but I miss all my siblings since there was always a reason to get together, birthday, mother's day or we simply met on Sunday to share a lunch and know about the health of each person.


For several years the family began to separate, since the political problems in the country began. But this year 2020 got worse due to Covid since the one who left the country has not been able to re-enter, even if the disposition is available.


Of course, who we fear the most for is our mother's health. Due to such care, my sister does not allow anyone to come near my mother. does not allow visits so that they do not contaminate her with flu or Covid.


We want to give our mother the tranquility of living healthy and that she feel safe and calm for the rest of her life. With my sister with Covid in the United States, I with Covid here in Colombia and the very critical health situation in Venezuela, we cannot imagine if my mother had caught this virus. She is the pillar of our family and we have a duty (and we want to) to take the best care of our mother.


Nobody should die in solitude and buried without their relatives seeing it, that is the situation of those who die from Covid. I do not wish this on anyone, so we must take care of ourselves and our family and friends. And we will continue with the hope of being able to return one day and reunite as a family as we always do.

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Hola amigos. Para este 4to concurso de la comunidad #Ladiesofhive escojo responder la pregunta 1.

  1. Con covid tan a la vanguardia de la vida cotidiana, hemos estado a veces, o todavía estamos aislados de familiares y amigos. De estas personas, ¿de quién te has dado cuenta que es la persona más importante en tu vida y por qué has llegado a esa conclusión?

Siempre se ha sabido que la madre es la persona en la que uno piensa y extraña, pero yo extraño a todos mis hermanos ya que siempre había una razón para reunirnos, cumpleaños, día de la madre o simplemente nos reuníamos un Domingo para compartir un almuerzo y saber de la salud de cada quien.

Desde hace varios años la familia comenzó a separarse, desde que comenzaron los problemas políticos en el país. Pero este año 2020 se agravo mas debido al Covid ya que el que salio del país no ha podido volver a entrar, así se tenga la disposición.

Por supuesto que por quien mas tememos es por la salud de nuestra madre. Debido a esos cuidados, mi hermana no deja que se le acerque nadie a mi mama. no le permite visitas para que no la contaminen de gripes o del Covid.

Deseamos darle a nuestra madre la tranquilidad de vivir sana y que se sienta segura y tranquila lo que le quede de vida. Con mi hermana con Covid en Estados Unidos, yo con Covid aquí en Colombia y la situación de la salud tan critica en Venezuela, no nos imaginamos si a mi mama le hubiera agarrado este virus. Ella es el pilar de nuestra familia y tenemos el deber (y queremos hacerlo) de cuidar lo mejor posible a nuestra madre .

Nadie debe morir en soledad y enterrado sin que sus familiares lo vean, esa es la situación del que muere por Covid. No le deseo esto a nadie, así que debemos cuidarnos y cuidar a nuestra familia y amigos. Y nosotros seguiremos con la esperanza de poder regresar algún día y volvernos a reunir en familia como siempre lo hacíamos.


You care very much for your mother; it shows with how you are putting her health first above all else. So many folks where I live have a disregard for others. I see it daily when I have to go out. It saddens me that they think so little of others and themselves.

Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your family. Take care always!💜

Thank you very much friend @elizabethbit, thank you for creating this wonderful contest for the women of hive and making each week a special challenge. thanks for your words.

You are very welcome @isabelpena! I can only take credit for the questions for this week's contest; not the contest itself. Take care and have a lovely day!💜

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muchas gracias amigos de @enlace

Mothers are so important to us!!!
Your dear mother will not be contaminated with COVID....
Just do what you are doing right now!

Thank you very much for your nice comment @silversaver888, if possible you have to take care of the pillar of the family.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I can understand your love and respect for your Mother and this pandemic has made it so difficult for family to be close. My mother is in a retirement facility and I cannot see her in person for an indefinite time, I missed celebrating her birthday and may miss celebrating Christmas by the look of things.
Thank you for sharing who you love most, @isabelpena

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Hello @isabelpena Your mother is beautiful. So happy to hear she is being protected from the virus. We seniors, especially ones with underlying conditions, have to be especially careful. It has been shown that family members are the ones who bring the virus into the family group from the outside exposure to others.

I can tell that your family loves your mother very much and is equally concerned about her health and well being. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hope your daughter is doing well also.

Well done good luck in the contest