My entry for the FIRST Ladies of Hive Contest

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Actually, I was invited by my good friend @mhizerbee to engage in this contest and I was able to take out time to read the rules and the options given in this contest.

When I saw the three questions for the week, I started thinking. I thought of taking the number one but I just couldn't remember what it was that I used in the house today since I left the house pretty early and in a rush.

I thought of the second question, I do not have an answer because I haven't seen or met him. I hope you pray for me to meet him soon 😂😂😂😂😂

Of all the choices for the contest I choose, If you would get 100 dollars now, what would be the first thing you would do with that amount?

So many thought about what 100 dollars could do for me keep crossing my mind, as I thought of buying a new pair of black shoe, a new skirt which I would be using on Saturday for a friends wedding or a gown perhaps, a handbag and I could go and on but then priorities matters a lot. Those things are important but they are not my priorities just yet.


When I choose that, I began contemplating what I really would use the 100 dollars to get off all the needs I have and not only that, I have to check if changed to my currency, how much will it be then I found out that 100 dollars are equivalent to Forty thousand Naira.

The next thought came, of all my needs, which one is important and 100 dollars (Forty thousand Naira) can solve. Well, one of my needs which I know 100 dollars can solve is starting up an Palm-oil business for my mom.

Yeah, I have been wishing that i have money to give to her so she can use in starting up a palm-oil business so that when the price of oil rises more than how it is now, she would still be in business and have more sales.


The person I'm inviting into "Ladies Of Hive contest" as per the rules stated is @zellypearl.


I hope I have been able to cover up the rules stated about this contest and I hope you enjoy reading through my post.


Kudos girl

Thanks for the mention.

You're welcome dear

A good ideal to invest the cash into an income producing business no matter how small it may be. I thought about where to spend my $100 USD but after 4 hours of online shops I felt that my head was going to explode and so I chose a different question for my entry.
Thanks for sharing your choice @evegrace

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Funny though, Our needs are always so plenty that most times, thinking about what to use the money for can explode our head.

It was great you chose another question as long as you can answer the question.
Thanks for taking the time to read through my post and stopping by toocomment.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you @innerblocks for curating my post.

That's a very sweet thing to do ... business money for your mom. And it's not only sweet but also smart. Good luck on the contest.

Yea, business money for my mom is one of my priorities for now. Thank you @hetty-rowan

Always a good idea to invest, then when you make a profit, you will have even more Naira to use for something fun instead.

Great post and goodluck to you.

If I had that $!00, I would give it to you and another for your friend.

Lols. Yeah, it is always a good idea to invest like you've said. Thank you. Maybe you can check your wallet again, you may have up to that or more than that.