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RE: Ladies of hive contest || If I am given 100USD

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Love it! Such a great way to spend that gift- and you could do everything you want with it too if you calculate it creatively.

You could put some towards the machines, then get your friends and other ladies to come and join you and create a co-operative shop where you all learn, teach each other and sew for profit and then you could take on young apprentices and interns and then every time someone reaches a milestone- that's the reason the have a little party to celebrate!

Imagine all of the women and girls that you could help there buy investing in their futures.

I wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to see your plans come to fruition and be totally successful! 😀


You just spelled out all of my plans, I had it in mind to get trained and train young girls for free, I will certainly do a free skill acquisition to empower women.
A cooperative business is a expensive idea, thanks for sharing that with me
I will look into it.
Thank you for these great ideas, i love them.

Haaa, I'm not going to steal your idea, but maybe when the pandemic is over I could come and help you with it!!! Though I can't sew! I am really, really, REALLY bad at it, no matter how hard I try to be good at it!!! lol...

But I am very good at a lot of other things...

Did you mean that a cooperative business is very expensive $$$$ to create, cause over here it's the opposite. It's much cheaper and easier and how most people get a business togther- with a little bit of money and input from everyone- like having an organisation that has a committee of people to make the decisions for the business- the chairWOMAN and vice chairwoman, secretary (administrations), treasurer (finances) and then the general members that discuss and vote yes or no on all of the opportunities...

And have you heard of this organisation?

@justclickindiva mentioned it in her blog and I think it is an amazing idea and it might help you girls get what you need to get the ball rolling....

Wow, you know, I just realised that I pretty much described how the hive works there- in a very basic