A STAR is born and it was you..and you..and you... and you ...and all of YOU everywhere

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Despite the oppression that women all over the world have faced for centuries, we were all born as bright and beautiful as the biggest stars in the sky, but little men with little minds couldn't handle our shining lights, outshining them and so sought to shame us, to lie, imprison, demonise and denigrate us in the name of religion and progress but we know we still have the power, for in everyone of us, the light still shines and it's getting brighter by the day.


I Wish you all, where ever you are in the world, to have the biggest, brightest and bestest new year that you could ever possibly dream of.

May your new year be filled to overflowing with love, peace, harmony, health, creativity, success, prosperity and an abundance of joy, confidence, pretty things and power.

For you are all so extraordinary, incredible and powerful, so be it, shine brighter every day and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

(Under the Milky Way as captured from my backyard last night.)


As amazing Helen Ready once sang.
This is for all of you for the new year. Listen to the lyrics and believe in yourself!


I wish every single one of you who ever you are, where ever you are and what ever you are doing a very safe and happy new year filled with love, peace, health, success and abundance this coming new year and every near year after that! (unless you're cruel to animals, then that's a whole other blog....)


If you have made it this far, then you are absolute champions and I thank you so much for reading my blog tonight and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


❤️❤️❤️All love and support in whatever way is greatly appreciated❤️❤️❤️

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Happy New Year, @chocolatescorpi!
I wish you all the wonderful blessings!

Thank you so much @silversaver888 and YOU too! 😊

May the extraordinary, incredible and powerful shine brighter every day 🥰🌺🤙 !ENGAGE

Absolutely AGREED!
And why?
Cause we can that's why and it's as simple as that. 😝

Hehehe !!!

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I don’t even know if I wished you an happy new year, but I hope I still can, and I am a woman is a perfect song for the ladiesofhive

I don't know if you did or not either, but it doesn't matter as every day can be a new year for all of us!
Why not!
Aftre all, the new year is a new day, so a new day can be a new year too! 😃

So today I wish you the happiest of new years and for tomorrow, I wish that your new year is even better than the last one!

Cause we are women hear us ROAR! 😜



I wish you a Happy and even more Colorful New Year @chocolatescorpi 🎊🎉🤗

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Thankyou so much @kerrislravenhill!

I promise it will definitely be far more colourful and happier and brighter than ever before for you and everyone here as much too! 😘