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RE: The Bloody Raven's entry for Contest 7 : My Green Side!

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How cool ! What a great blog, I am so glad you entered. That garden looks sad now but did his job and look at that I think a sort of pumpkin I think that will make a great soup. I have a tip for worn out piece of land. Just put furtiliser you still have left and than a large piece of plastic ( like you use over the garden furniture or caravan ) and pin it down with pins on the sides. And leave it for three to 4 weeks and the land will have a new humid life growing there.

The recycle ♻️ I love and it makes money I do the same but I only have 270 euros untill now. That’s money the boys may spend at the end of the year on a present or save in the bank

Thanks for always having the ladies at hart

Good luck this week


Yes, there were a few Pumpkins with the Spaghetti squash.
That's my weekend plan. I see my neighbors doing the same thing with their veggie gardens too.
Just ignore the harvested Cannabis plant remains hiding in the back behind the tomatoes. 😅

It's a pleasure having you here @brittandjosie