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RE: Hombres y mujeres podemos ser amigos.

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Hola Jennifer, i would recommend your blog to be bi-lingual now i had to translate because my spanish is not that good. So i translated it here, In this week 22, I particularly liked the question Can men and women be friends? To this question I propose the following reflection and with it my answer.
There are many differences between men and women, but at the same time these differences unite us, they complement us.
This is how opposite poles unite and like poles repel each other.
We are creatures full of beliefs and fears that make us think that this relationship of friendship cannot be given, that men always look for something other than friendship such as sex. And the women? also although we are not so open or explicit in due course.
And it is true because everything begins with an attraction, a sexual attraction, without necessarily reaching the sexual act. Man and woman attract each other, attract each other's attention, and in those first moments of meeting each other, it is possible to know if the relationship will be based on a friendship or something deeper.
Everything starts with communication, gestural, corporal, oral, the correct signals are given.
In my experience I have many male friends from high school, they are the most fun, spontaneous boys, everything with them flows more naturally. In turn, they are protectors and consenting.
Men have a lighter and more uncomplicated way of thinking than women, they can give a quicker and more practical response to certain things in life.
In my relationship with them I have learned to know them and not judge them, sometimes we women overwhelm them with our complex thinking and sometimes we want to change them.
Yes, men and women we can be friends
Communication is the basis of a good relationship. I always advocate for a good relationship with men, with my partners, after the crisis and the crying of the separation I seek the approach so that a friendship can flow, on many occasions you have learned a lot from the past and a friendship is established where you can count on the support of that person. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
With my friends, men, I speak openly, I enjoy their company, the conversation that in many cases is funny, or very thoughtful.
In this way, I reaffirmed my answer, valuing the friendship that I maintain with those dear friends who accompany me and with whom I coincide after a long time without knowing about them but the friendship remains intact.]
Cost us of your experience, with that friend ...

I have to say opposites attrack and that is the beauty in life and in friendships thank you you got my vote and good luck in the contest


Hola... Ok lo tomo en cuenta para las próximas semanas ... Gracias por leerme